What did we use before radiators?

Our modern homes are blessed with fantastic things. The system of radiators is such a work of brilliant technology, it’s as though a miracle has happened in our homes. The whole of the house can be wreathed in soothing heat on a cold winter’s day or night at the touch of a button or the adjustment of a setting. It’s an incredible feeling to think that simple natural gas and some clever engineering to heat hot water can be so beneficial to use.

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However pity on our poor ancestors who had nothing of the sort. There were some rudimentary designs to come through in the Victorian era, in fact you can still get some faux versions of the great iron things today. The kitchen range was the one option. This huge oven system would heat the whole of the house (which was considerably smaller than those we have today) and would cook meals and provide the boiling of water for hot drinks.

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The only other way was to have a series of open fireplaces. One of the most homely and warming examples is the Inglenook fireplace. It was a time consuming task getting the fires lit every morning, though not every room had a fireplace. The heat was hardly adjustable either. The chimney sweep was a regular visitor to keep the thing clear and free of soot that could catch fire. It was just like using a professional company to service the boiler. Cheltenham Boiler Servicing is a busy task, luckily Blu Fish Cheltenham are on hand to get the job done. .

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