What are your rights if a delivery goes missing?

If a delivery goes missing, the first thing we automatically do is panic; however, there is no need, as this issue can be easily rectified.

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Contact the seller to inform them of the missing parcel

Notify the seller immediately and inform them that your delivery is missing. You should provide them with details such as the order number, tracking information, and a description of the items.

Look at the seller’s terms and conditions

Check the seller’s terms and conditions and their policies on lost or missing deliveries. Sellers often have specific procedures for handling such situations and may offer solutions, such as a refund; alternatively, they may ask if you would like your goods replaced.

If you are expecting a delivery, ensure the communications come from a trusted source. The Guardian has issued a warning about delivery scams.

Check where the parcel was last located

If the delivery was tracked, review the tracking information to determine the last known location of the package. Some sellers may require proof that the item was not delivered, so keep any relevant tracking information. If you require the services of a same day courier in Newcastle, you can enlist the help of one of the professionals. Taking care of your goods and ensuring their safe and swift delivery is the aim of a same day courier Newcastle.

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Did you pay by credit card?

If you paid for the goods with a credit or debit card, you may be able to initiate a chargeback through your card provider. Contact your issuer for information on its chargeback process and how to go about this. If the missing parcel has a high value, or if the issue persists without resolution, seeking legal advice may be an option.

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