What are the principles of muscle growth?

Although most readers of this article might find a hackneyed topic, we would like to specify very clearly, what are the fundamental principles for achieving good muscle growth.

And if we want to consider this topic from an even broader point of view, it is possible to state that in any case, these principles, even if with some adaptations especially regarding the diet, can also be applied by those who are not looking for hypertrophy, but simply research for a healthier lifestyle.

The first factor to take into consideration is that there is no magic recipe or a single factor that can really make a difference in terms of hypertrophy, which can only be obtained following a careful combination of different factors.


Training with weights is obviously fundamental, and must be carried out following a specific program, calibrated on the person, that sees increase both the amount of work over time and intensity, depending on the period. Obviously we will not go into this article in what are the specifications that characterize a good training schedule.

The diet

The diet or the diet suitable for obtaining an increase in muscle mass is the high-calorie diet. In order for muscle mass to increase, it is in fact necessary to provide the body with the energy necessary for this to happen. This translates into a caloric surplus with respect to the consumption necessary for the normal performance of physiological functions and daily activities.

It is therefore necessary to take into account to get dirty for a while during the mass phase, as the percentage of fat will increase accordingly.

A high-calorie diet obviously does not disproportionately fatten and eat any food on our nose, but take a caloric amount slightly greater than that which would be sufficient to maintain one’s body weight.

The rest

This is one of the factors that most people underestimate or do not even take into consideration, on the contrary, it turns out to be fundamental to the same, if not more, than the others mentioned above. Ensuring your body the right amount of rest and hours of sleep promotes muscle regeneration, which is precisely the basis of its growth.


It is very difficult to be able to take all the micronutrients necessary not only for hypertrophy, but also for a good state of general health. From this point of view, vitamin supplements, multivitamins or bosspeptides caradarine can be very useful.

Are there products that can really make a difference in hypertrophic terms?

So far we have described the observance of diet, rest and training as the only possibility for good muscle growth, and this is certainly true if we are talking about a totally natural approach to bodybuilding. In fact, there are products like anabolic steroids, Boss Peptides SARMs, able to help muscle growth to truly surprising levels.

Obviously there is a price to pay for obtaining muscle growth with reduced effort and this translates into possible side effects (even if for SARMs these would be very small) and in the illegality of some products.

In conclusion

It is certainly not up to us to advise or direct towards the natural road rather than the other. What is important for us is to have informed the public about the possible ways to obtain a good muscle growth, then it is up to the individual to choose which path to take.

Author: Kei Taylor

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