Website mistakes to avoid

The internet is bursting with websites of every description, so you need to make yours stand out, right? There is a huge amount to consider when designing a website that’s ‘spot on’ but at the very least, make sure you don’t fall into one of these traps:


Most of us are using mobile devices and not desktops when we’re browsing online. There is nothing more frustrating for a smartphone user than a site that won’t load properly so if your website doesn’t adapt for viewing on portable devices, you’ll quickly lose business. Responsive design is now a necessity for sites, rather than a luxury.

Social media neglect

Based on a social media agency in Manchester, social media is vital in this digital era and a perfect way to reach and expand your audience. However, if you’re not linking your social media presence from your website, you’re really missing a trick. The most successful sites enable their users to make this transition seamlessly.

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Cramming it in

Less is definitely more when it comes to information. Yes, you want to provide your visitors with everything they need but this has to be short, concise, clear and effective. They don’t want to read through your life story. Overfilling the homepage could make navigation more difficult, making it highly likely your visitor will just give up and go. Keep things simple and succinct.

Cutting corners

You might think you can save some cash by designing your own website but be warned, this could prove false economy. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you won’t be doing yourself any favours. If it looks second-rate, has questionable navigation and possibly could contain spelling errors and poor grammar, people will leave your site. Hiring a professional agency to help you with IT Support Cheltenham way including options like reform it you receive a highly functional and great-looking site.

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Me, me, me

You might think you know exactly how you want your site to be but remember, this isn’t about you. If you want your site to be a hit, you need to concentrate on what the customer wants. Get into their heads and design the site with them at the forefront. What would they want to see and how can you resolve any problems they might have?

Ignoring SEO

If you’ve never heard of search engine optimisation then you definitely need a professional agency to help you design your site. A successful website will always be designed with SEO in mind. You could have the most incredible site in the world, but if it doesn’t feature in search listings until page 11 of Google, no one is ever going to see it!

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