Campervan adventures and skipping the daily grind

A young British couple have taken an unusual approach to redundancy: by taking to the road in search of adventure.

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When Matt Botting, 31, was made redundant from his job working in the computer department of a Sheffield travel company, he bought a van and began the process of converting it into a campervan, even though the couple had no previous experience in van conversions. It took them around four months to turn the van into a small, but comfortable, home.  The great thing about a campervan is there is room on the front for a spare wheel incase of punctures on route.  You will be best off getting this from a Tyres Gloucester location found at site like

Matt’s partner, Olivia Magill, 25, also lost her job with the same company soon afterwards, leading the couple to make the bold decision to spend time travelling in their new campervan, exploring different countries in Europe, including France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Explaining that they had both planned to spend time travelling abroad at some point, the couple decided that their forced unemployment gave them the perfect excuse to leave the rat race and see the wider world.

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Motorhomes rise in popularity

It seems that the couple are part of a wave of interest in campervanning: according to a recent article in the Daily Express, the Caravan Club is predicting that another 50,000 caravanners and campervan fans will be taking to the road over the next five years. The popularity of the campervan has even seen the club change its name to the Caravan and Motorhome Club in recognition of the growing popularity of motorhomes.

With up to 40% of Club members opting for a campervan, rather than a caravan, manufacturers and conversion specialists..

Small space living

Meanwhile, Matt and Olivia report that they have now travelled around Europe twice, and have also explored Scotland, and don’t have any plans to stop for a while yet. They say that it can be difficult living in a small van, but apart from a spell of bad weather that saw them confined to the van for a few days, they have adapted well to the lifestyle.

The couple plan to explore south eastern Europe next, followed by a trip to Asia, and Olivia is also keen to go even further afield and hopes to explore the rainforests.

Author: Kei Taylor

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