Washing Machines – Which One Is Better To Choose?

Washing Machines - Which One Is Better To Choose?

Washing machines – which one is better to choose? Washing machines for a long time serve people and help them cope with various tasks in the house. At the present moment, almost every person has a much-needed item for the hostess. In the shops of equipment, you can find a fairly wide range, from which almost any buyer can get confused. So how to choose a washing machine that suits you?

Choose a download option

First, you have to decide on the location of the new washing machine. Taking into account the area of free space, it will be possible to determine the option of loading the machine. Washing machines have only two loading options – vertical and front loading.

Washing Machines - Which One Is Better To Choose?

All machines with a vertical load are a compact option that can be placed even in a very small space. The thing is that for machines of this type there is no need to leave free space to open the door. Most often, these machines have a width of no more than 45 centimeters, a depth of 60 centimeters and a height of no more than 85 centimeters. In addition, from the machine with this type of download at any time, you can remove extra things or report something that was previously forgotten. Most often in machines with a vertical loading control buttons are located on the top of the device, which can also be considered a positive quality. If there are children in your family, they simply cannot turn on the car unexpectedly or stop the already running cycle.

Front-loading washing machines do not differ from the previous version in terms of washing quality. But their dimensions are somewhat larger: a width of about 60 centimeters, a depth of 32 – 60 centimeters, a height – 85 centimeters. In rare cases, you can find cars with a depth of fewer than 32 centimeters, but they are very few. At the same time, such compact options take up very little space, which may be so little in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Front-loading machines can be built into almost any kitchen. For this reason, their installation is most common in this very room.

Washing machines – which one is better to choose? Select the volume of the drum

The amount of loading the machine should also be approached very carefully. For example, if in your family there are only 2 – 3 people, then the option with a load of 3 kilograms will be enough for you. If you have more people in the family, then you should buy a bigger car, for example, 5-6 kg. In addition, the volume of the tank will directly depend on the amount of dirty laundry in your family.

The volume of the tank and the size of the machine are very closely related. For example, compact models are most often equipped with a 3.5-kilogram tank. But the standard size machine can hold 7 kilograms of linen per wash.

Washing Machines - Which One Is Better To Choose?

Washing machines – which one is better to choose? Choosing a tank material

Pay attention to the material from which the tank in which the drum is placed. The drum itself is made of stainless steel, but the tank may be different – plastic, enameled, stainless steel.

Options with the enameled tank will not be a very good option in terms of reliability. If the tank is made of steel, then the material must differ by a very high breakdown, otherwise, you may experience certain problems when using the machine.

Options with a plastic tank are considered quite economical and at the same time a reliable choice. In addition, these machines most often consume much less electrical energy, compared to other brethren.

Washing Machines - Which One Is Better To Choose?

Washing machines – which one is better to choose? Choosing a washing class

The washing class of the machine is indicated in Latin letters. Classes A and B are distinguished by sufficiently high quality and very carefully relate to the things placed in them. Classes D, E, C refer to variants with average washing quality. But class G cars are not very good in this indicator. The same designations are used for the spin process. By designation, you can understand how much moisture will remain in the washed laundry.

The power consumption of technology is also indicated by Latin characters. In this case, the symbols indicate the degree of consumption of electrical energy during washing.

Pay attention to the available programs, and understand which of them must be yours. For example, if your family has children, then you should pay attention to the options with programs for washing baby clothes. These programs wash clothes with higher quality and disinfect it a little.

Washing machines – which one is better to choose? Drawing attention to the most important criteria, you will definitely choose the most suitable option for yourself.

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