Three lawn mowing tips from the professionals

Three lawn mowing tips from the professionals

March 5, 2020 0 By Kei Taylor

A well-mown lawn doesn’t just look good; it also helps you maintain healthy grass and provides a habitat for a wealth of wildlife. How can you make your grass really look like those meticulous lawns found in the gardens of grand buildings? Let’s look at some of the top tips from professional landscape gardeners for creating and maintaining a great-looking lawn.

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1. Striping

Striping is an excellent technique that will give the lawn a professionally mown appearance while ensuring you have mowed every bit of the garden. Travel one way and then the other lengthways through the garden to achieve the basis of the look. To really make the look impactful and ensure it lasts until the next mow, you will need to go over the stripes with a weighted roller.

2. Take just a third off at a time

Not only is leaving it on the longer side better for the animals who like to live in your lawn, but it also maintains the grass’s lustre, colour and thickness. Aim to take off just a third at a time. This may mean adjusting your lawnmower blade to one of its longer settings. Cutting it too short can result in brown, bare patches.

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3. Have your mower serviced each year

A well-mown lawn depends hugely on you having the right equipment in the first place. Always buy a quality product as cheap mowers are invariably a false economy. A good mower will last for years or even decades. Be sure to give your lawnmower an annual service, ideally at the start of summer. If any parts need replaced, look out for quality options at sites offering Briggs and Stratton parts. You’ll find a huge range of engine, engine parts, filters and other accessories online, including Briggs and Stratton parts. If you have a petrol mower, you need to service it even more regularly to ensure that the pipes aren’t all clogged up.

These tips are just three of the experts’ best, but there are plenty more, such as making the most of grass clippings, remembering to aerate the lawn, dethatching and reseeding.

Start these three tips ahead of summer by giving your mower a service and making sure you have all the equipment you need. Your lawn will look like the Gardens of Versailles in no time.