This restaurant is offering Instagram influencers free sushi

The rise of social media has become even more evident in recent weeks, with a new Milan restaurant offering free sushi to customers with high numbers of followers on Instagram. The restaurant, named This Is Not A Sushi Bar, will provide one or more courses of food free of charge, depending on how many followers they have. The idea, from restaurant owners Matteo and Tommaso Pittarello is not unique as similar ideas have been trialled in both London and in St. Petersburg in recent years. These, however, only lasted for a few weeks, and it is hoped that the Milan initiative will continue on a permanent basis.

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Free food

Customers will be asked to post a photo of the restaurant and their meal on Instagram. Depending on the number of followers they have, they may get the next dish free. Those with one to 5,000 followers will get one free plate, customers who have from five to 10,000 followers will be given two free plates of sashimi or sushi, and those with up to 50,000 followers get four free dishes. People with up to 100,000 followers will be eligible for eight free plates, and the very influential customers with more than 100,000 followers will not have to pay at all.

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Importance of Instagram

According to Visual Capitalist, Instagram has more influence on shopping habits than any other social media platform, so it is unsurprising that restaurant owners feel that this type of investment is worthwhile.

Restaurants do not only need to invest in state of the art equipment such as the Lincat LMR9 6 burner gas oven in order to stay ahead of the game. Supplies can be obtained from companies such as, so anything that is needed to keep up with service can usually be delivered the next day.

Matteo and Tommaso do admit that the free food may result in customers with large social media followings taking advantage of the offer, but do not expect that the numbers will be unmanageable. They hope to raise the visibility of their Milan restaurant and say that This Is Not A Sushi Bar is only one of their six restaurants, so the costs will not be too high, particularly as the majority of their business centres on takeaway food and home deliveries.

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