The best space saving radiators for a small room

As winter approaches, few things beat that feeling of coming home to a warm room. Not only is warmth a basic need for us, but it is also essential to keep your property in tip-top condition by helping to prevent problems such as condensation and mould.

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Whatever its size, it is possible to heat any room to the right temperature with a beautiful radiator. The variety of space-saving options on the market means you can opt for a stunning eye-catching design or something that blends effortlessly with your décor.

Know how much heat you need

Before choosing the best radiator for your room, take the time to work out how much heat you need it to generate. British Thermal Units (BTU) tells you how much heating power you need depending on the size of your room. Online calculators such as can tell you your room’s BTU requirement so you can make informed decisions and have confidence that you’re getting the right amount of heating power for your needs.

Small is beautiful

Don’t be afraid to opt for a small radiator if you have limited space. They can still pack a punch and heat your room efficiently and effectively. As the saying goes, ‘great things come in small packages’, and this is true for many compact radiators on the market today.

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Neither compromising on substance or style, column radiators such as the Apollo Roma horizontal steel column radiator ( offers a versatile heating solution that fits both modern and period homes.

Look both ways!

Radiators are no longer restricted to their classical shape of occupying a mid-level horizontal rectangle of wall space. So, if space is an issue, cast your eyes upwards. Perhaps a vertical radiator could offer you the solution you need? Available in many designs, vertically hanging radiators can save you valuable floor space whilst adding a striking art-like feature to any room.

An efficient use of space

Very often, your bathroom is the smallest room you need to heat and really want to maximise every bit of available space. Heated towel rails are therefore a perfect solution, heating your room and towels in one go.

As you can see, even if you are limited for space, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to finding the right heating solution.


Author: Kei Taylor

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