Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

The magic of sweet, citrus, sea, green or eastern spicy flavors can transform a woman beyond recognition. Putting on the fragrance, you reveal your Self, emphasize seduction or restraint, make the image complete. However, even the most expensive fragrances tend to erode, so today we will tell you how to apply perfumes so that they last longer!

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

Where better to put your favorite perfume?

The chaotic application of women’s perfumes leads to their rapid weathering, so it is worth spraying a small amount of fragrant liquid on certain points:

  • neck,
  • wrist,
  • back of the knees
  • the inner surface of the elbow,
  • the area behind the ears
  • the zone above the navel.

Loop sound is created by applying perfume to the hair. Aromatic compositions are well disclosed under the influence of natural heat in contact with human skin, so perfumes should not be applied to clothing. Fabrics also have an individual smell, so the sound of your favorite perfume can be significantly distorted.

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

The right choice of perfume

Persistence of aroma directly depends on the quality of the perfume, so it is worth a responsible approach to the choice. The composition of perfumed products contains different concentrations of a mixture of extracts (flavoring component) and alcohol base, consider the most popular varieties:

  • Perfume.  The composition includes 20-40% of the essence. Possess the most concentrated aroma, providing durability up to 8-10 hours, but their cost is quite high.
  • Eau de Parfum The content of the essence is 15-20%, resistance reaches 7-8 hours. Combines good quality and affordable price.
  • Eau de Toilette.  The composition contains 5-15% essences, neutral flavors, they sound for 3-4 hours.
  • Cologne.  The content of the essence reaches 3-8%, durability is 2-3 hours. Colognes are more commonly used by men than women.

In the production of perfumes and Eau de parfum, 90% concentrated alcohol base is used, toilet water – 80-90%, cologne – 70%. It is also worth highlighting the sports water and special cosmetics, in which the concentration of aromatic substances does not exceed 1%. Cosmetics are more often used to strengthen the base fragrance, because brands produce whole sets of products with the same smell: toilet water, lotion, body cream, hair spray, etc.

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

The perfume will be the best option for special occasions and important dates, Eau de parfum, and eau de toilette is a good solution for every day. These juicy, but at the same time, unobtrusive aromas can be put on for work, a party with friends, a walk. There are also dry perfumes, but they have low resistance.

Tip! In the assortment of perfumery, stores are perfumes on a water, oil, alcohol basis. The first can be applied to clothing because they do not leave marks. Oily and alcohol perfumes are recommended to be used exclusively for the skin.

Recommendations for the competent application of perfume

Choosing methods of applying perfume, girls need to immediately determine their skin type. The thing is that on oily skin perfume sounds longer than on dry or combined. If your skin does not produce enough fat secretion, then before applying the flavored composition, follow these guidelines to smell longer:

  • Take a favorite moisturizer, cosmetic oil or lotion (non-flavored);
  • Apply cosmetics to those areas of the skin, where in the future you will spray perfume;
  • wait 5-10 minutes, because the tool must be completely absorbed;
  • Spray the fragrant liquid on wet areas.

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

Owners of any type of skin, in order to prolong the perfume sound, can cover the area on which the fragrant composition was applied with a very thin layer of medical vaseline. It will slow down the evaporation process!

Important!  Perfume brands adapt their products to customers with different skin types. In the lines of French, American and other fashion houses there are presented aromatized compositions for owners of dry skin: classic liquid, cream-perfume, dry perfume, which provide a magnificent long-lasting sound.

Council number 1. Spray, do not apply with a finger

Most modern perfumes are equipped with dispensers, sprays that facilitate the process of use. It is just to spray the fragrant liquid, and not to apply it with your fingers, because friction can destroy the components of perfumes, which can drastically change their sound in a worse way.

Council number 2. Apply perfume on clean skin.

The best solution is to take a shower (pores open under the influence of moisture), dry the skin, and then apply an aromatic liquid to it. After that, you can dress and leave the house – the sound will accompany you all day!

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

Council number 3. Pay attention to the composition of the perfume

Perfume is a multi-component composition that perfumers present in the form of a pyramid:

  • Top accent notes that unfold within 1-3 minutes after application. Attract attention, but their bright sound quickly disappears.
  • Base notes. They sound for 2-10 hours (the duration depends on the type of flavored products).
  • Bottom notes. They are revealed only when the top notes evaporate, being the final chord. Most often this occurs 2-3 hours after the use of perfumes.

Of course, after applying all the notes are intertwined, however, it is worth remembering that they are also conventionally divided into several groups: Oriental, citrus, sea, green, ferrous, chypre, woody and others. The longest sound is provided by heavy perfumes, which include amber, vanilla, patchouli, cinnamon, sandalwood, vetiver, leather, musk, cedar. Aromatic compositions, which are based on citrus, berry, green and other light notes, disappear faster.

Tip! Experts advise you to test them before buying perfumes: apply to clean skin, enjoy the sound all day. This is the only way to properly evaluate the flavor.

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

Council number 4. Storage and timely replacement of the flavor

With prolonged use of some spirits is addictive, so the woman stops hearing their sound 30-60 minutes after application. In this case, it is worth visiting the perfume shop to pick up a new composition.

However, the reason may be banaler – the weathering of the spirits, the cause of which is improper storage. You can avoid this unpleasant situation, but you must follow simple recommendations from perfumers:

  • Never keep a bottle open, because dust, air, moisture, and evaporation get into it. Such storage is especially dangerous for toilet water and colognes that are not equipped with a dispenser spray.
  • Keep perfume separate from other cosmetics, because it can absorb foreign odors.
  • Keep the perfume in a cool and dry place, protected from sunlight. No need to put the bottle in the refrigerator, because at a temperature below + 5 ° C, the components of the product are destroyed.

Be sure to follow the expiration date. The nominal shelf life is 5 years, but the perfume in a closed bottle can be stored and 50, and 70 years (its sound may change slightly). Open perfumes retain their properties for 1-1.5 years subject to proper storage.

Where Is The Right Way To Put Perfume On The Body To Smell Longer?

Council number 5. Apply perfume on the hair

If you want to prolong the sound of your favorite perfume, then you need to put a small amount on your hair. You can spray the flavored liquid directly on the curls, on the back of the neck or the back of the head, but it is best to perform the procedure using a comb. Spray the perfume on a comb or brush, and then just comb your hair. If you use several types of perfumes, then for each of them you will need a separate comb to avoid mixing and distorting your favorite fragrances.

These tips will allow you to keep the perfume and apply it correctly, so your favorite fragrance will accompany you for 8 hours or more. Do not apply the liquid directly to the skin, but spray it into the air, then enter the cloud. If you need to quickly refresh the scent at work or in a public place, then spray it on the neck and wrist, keeping the distance between the skin and the dispenser (10-15 cm).

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