How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

In the empire of beauty, there is a whole art, as impeccably to pick up earrings for different types of faces. There is no doubt that the decoration should like its owner, but it is also important to take into account individual characteristics. Properly selected earrings will help smooth out the sharpness of the features or, on the contrary, tint your individual merits. Comprehending the subtle science of choosing jewelry, a woman will understand how it is possible to transform the appearance with their help. And how nice it will be to hear a compliment: “These earrings are very much to your liking!”

Before you go to a jewelry store, determine which form your face belongs to. This will help you find not only the best earrings but also a haircut, glasses, and hats.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

For an oval face

Such a circuit is considered to be the standard of female beauty. Ideally, you should choose earrings in such a way that you visually bring the existing shape to the correct oval. Young ladies with an oval face are lucky by nature: they will be decorated with earrings of almost any design. They can choose earrings, guided by their own taste and fashion trends. The most harmonious will look at the following models:

  • Drops. As the name implies, the shape of such models resembles water droplets. They are made mainly of gold, silver, pearls with the inclusion of precious stones.
  • Pendants. Unlike drops, earrings with pendants have completely different shapes and lengths. The materials for them are various combinations of metal, beads, beads, precious stones. When we select earrings, we take into account not only the shape of the face but also the outlines of the neck. Long pendants enhance the beauty of the swan neck. Bulky products are not suitable for miniature women.
  • Puseta. In common parlance called carnations, such earrings are a great everyday option, which has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are different variants of puset: miniature, double, with a butterfly lock. The form of pusset also matters. For example, carnations in the form of an inverted triangle will visually expand too thin face, and chubby women should not choose large and round bushes.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

  • Rings. Ring-shaped earrings look incredibly impressive, especially in the summer. Such jewelry is a round pendant with a clasp. There are options in the form of ordinary rings of different diameters and thicknesses, for example, the most ancient type of earrings – congo. Thanks to a reliable fastener in the form of a pin, which enters a wide hollow tube, they resemble a solid ring.
  • Chandeliers. This combination of pendants and studs often has a multi-level complex structure. The choice of such jewelry should be approached carefully. With a graceful face, massive chandelier earrings will look somewhat vulgar.

Earrings for the elongated face

Another name for this type is a rectangle. It has approximately equal proportions of the forehead, cheekbones, and chin, while the shape of the face is oblong. It is necessary to pick up decorations to such a contour more thoroughly than to a harmonious oval. Try to choose instances that visually expand the cheekbones.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

Matching earrings

  • Short wide models.
  • Compact studs that shift the focus to the middle of the face.
  • Classic drop earrings can compensate for elongation.
  • Often, owners of an elongated face have a long nose, which can also be corrected. This can be achieved by picking up large suspension medium length.
  • Perfect pearl products that soften angular shapes.
  • Square earrings will add to the elongated face the missing volume.


  • Thin elongated earrings, including pendants.
  • Droplets, round earrings, clips.

Whatever type of earrings you choose in the end, all their details should be clearly drawn, and the bottom – rounded. If the decoration has the shape of a triangle, its sharp end should be facing up.

Accessories for chubby girls

The task that the earrings have to solve is to visually draw out the face. The round-faced ladies will go droplets, as well as models of rectangular, triangular and oval design. They should look elegant: thin. Too thick earrings will make the face even rounder. To play on contrasts, you can pick up products with outlined corners and clear geometry.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

Successful options

  • All elongated options (pendants, strings), visually pulling the face.
  • Prefer pointy contours that break roundness.
  • Congo type earrings, contrary to established views, do not round the face beyond measure. The fact is that in full face they have an elongated silhouette, which we are trying to achieve.

What you should refuse

  • Round one-piece earrings definitely fall into the blacklist.
  • Short carnations shift the emphasis on the cheekbones and make the face even rounder.
  • For the same reason, avoid star or rhombus studs.
  • Models with massive spherical beads, pearls.
  • Earrings with spherical elements, which have a full face rounded shape.

Triangle Face Earrings

Such a contour is formed if the broad forehead is combined with the middle cheekbones and narrowed chin, that is, a triangle is obtained with a downward angle. Its other name is heart-shaped. This means that we need to choose earrings to visually expand the bottom of the face.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

Bulky types of earrings will ideally cope with such a mission: clusters, chandeliers, volume pendants, and rings. In contrast to the narrow chin, the decorations should expand to the bottom. Curved lines, triangles – just a find. The more intricate the curves and lush contours – the better. If the earrings are complemented with bright shiny stones, this is an additional plus.

Accessories that will put the right accents

  • Earrings reaching the bottom of the face. In this way, they balance the chin with the cheekbones.
  • Rings, openwork pendants, droplets, pendants with geometric patterns.

Should be avoided

  • Tapering down models, especially in the form of an inverted triangle. They emphasize the already sharp chin.
  • Miniature bushes that increase the width of the cheekbones.

Square face

If the forehead and jaws are about the same width, the earrings should soften the massiveness of the face. To do this, optimally pick long decorations with rounded edges. Oval models smooth out right angles, earrings-rings also work well.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

Matching earrings

  • Elongated specimens will narrow wide outlines.
  • Openwork earrings will soften massive proportions and make them more elegant.
  • Small bright carnations distract the eye from the bulky chin.

Not the best option

  • Bright earrings that extend the middle part of the face.
  • Models reaching the chin line. They weight the square face.
  • Earrings with geometric contours that emphasize angularity.

How to balance a narrow forehead and chin?

The features of the diamond are outstanding cheekbones compared to the narrowed forehead and chin. All varieties of studs are well suited for this silhouette. In addition, long pendants that stop just above your chin bring your natural contours closer to the ideal. Optimally suited earrings with soft curves: pearl strands, droplets, chains. Avoid diamond-shaped jewelry.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

How to choose earrings?

Stylists have done this experiment. Two women of the same type tried on earrings suitable for them. As a result, the same earrings looked at them completely differently. What is the paradox?

It turns out that focusing exclusively on the type of appearance is not enough. In addition, you need to take into account your facial features. Having picked up earrings taking into account these nuances of appearance, you will make your image even more perfect. In conclusion, some useful recommendations:

  1. Women with small features can be proud of a chisel nose, small mouth, neat ears. They will be able to emphasize the elegance of their appearance thanks to compact earrings.
  2. Plump lips and large nose are not in harmony with small ornaments. Women with large facial features should look at the massive evening earrings.
  3. If you find it difficult to determine what type your features are, most likely they are of medium proportions. To choose earrings of your dreams, experiment with decorations of various sizes.
  4. The combination of different features – a rare and attractive type. As a rule, these are huge eyes, full lips in combination with a small nose and chin. Experts advise such extraordinary girls to choose large earrings that include small details.

How To Choose Earrings In The Shape Of The Face?

To master the wisdom of the choice of earrings is easy. Reinforce the theory with experiments and gradually, you will feel intuitive what earrings are “yours”. Show a variety, to any type of person you can find several successful models.

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