Reasons Why it is Important to Write a Will

Although we don’t want to think about our own death, it is important that we prepare for it. This is not something that we need to do when we are old – in fact, if you are younger it is equally important that you ensure that you create a will. None of us know what is around the corner and making sure that younger children are looked after in the event of death of a parent is important.

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Protecting children is often the number one reason for writing a will – not only making sure that they are cared for financially, but you can also name who their legal guardian will be in the event of your death.

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If you run a business, it is also important that you make it known what you want to happen with this in the event of your death. Having people that you trust around you is essential in these circumstances.

If you support a particular charity, then you can also use your will to allocate some money to them in the event of your death. Many people have something close to their hearts that they like to give to in their will.

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