Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

Did you know that you are using 20% of your clothes 80% of the time? It means that your wardrobe is full of old, outdated or unused items. Learn how to organize and renovate the wardrobe in 3 simple steps. This way you will find what you have faster and you will know what you need to buy.

Is it time to renovate the closet?

Organizing and renovating the wardrobe is a healthy, therapeutic practice. Discarding what you no longer use is the only way to make room and will make it easier to find what you are looking for. So, the next time you’re going to choose what to wear, it will not take you so long in front of the closet.

Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

We usually organize seasonal clothing every time the seasonal changes come. But we only keep the cold clothes to remove heat and vice versa. How many times have you taken advantage of to make a real cleaning of your wardrobe? And although you have many coats, in winter you always end up using the usual two. The rest only takes up space that you can use in another way.

The author of the book You are what you see: what your clothes say about you, Jennifer Baumgartner maintains that we have habits when dressing as the one mentioned at the beginning of the post. That is to say, most of the time we use the same clothes, although we have many. Usually, we only change the accessories and accessories to make them look different.

If you feel identified with that statement, you may need to spend some time organizing the closet. Here we give you other clues that will also tell you if it is time to update the clothes and find another destination for the clothes that you no longer use.

  • You never find what to wear. Although the wardrobe is full of clothes, nothing you have fits your style or even your new size.
  • You keep clothes to put it on again one day. Yes, you know you have some garment stored because you think that at some point you will use it, but that day never comes.
  • You have pants, skirts, dresses or any garment that does not help you put it on when you get to the right size.
  • For years you have accumulated shoes of all kinds, but whenever you go out you choose the same comfortable shoes.

Other signs that your wardrobe is outdated

It seems normal that both men and women try several combinations before choosing what to wear. But, if after all, they end up with the same clothes as always, it means that it is time to change. It may be that you no longer like the style you used to wear or that you bought something that looked good in the store, but when you got home you stopped getting your attention.

Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

It is also a reality that sometimes we like a style so much that we end up buying many repeated garments. Like the basic t-shirts that we all like. There is no problem in having several shirts, but if you have many of the same model and color, then most are over. The same happens with the rest of the repeated clothes that you have.

Another clear sign that it is time to get rid of part of your clothes are the deteriorated clothes. Worn colors, stains, holes in the fabrics and even clothes deformed by the hangers. The passage of time leaves its mark. Do not get attached to these and start updating them.

How to organize and renovate the wardrobe in 3 simple steps

Fixing cabinets seem like a tedious task, but there are many benefits to be gained by doing so. Every time you go to dress you will find what you are looking for faster. In addition, you will know exactly what you have and what you need.

To make this task easier we will tell you three simple steps that you can apply to order your clothes.

Step 1: Start by cleaning the closet

The first thing you should do is take everything out of the closet. So you can get rid of dust, moisture and anything that may be damaging your clothes and shoes. Make a deep cleaning and, taking advantage of the fact that you have everything out, make an inventory of what you have.

Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

You will find clothes you do not wear for any of these reasons:

  • Because they have a sentimental value. You have attached yourself to clothes and give them more value than they actually have.
  • For the money, you spent on your clothes. Maybe they cost a lot, but you have to understand that over time it will depreciate and it’s not worth keeping it alone for the initial investment. Nothing will stop it from losing value while you keep it.
  • Because you think you’ll use it next season. Be sympathetic, how many times have you put on that garment, if you have ever done it. If you have so much time saved it means that you will not wear it again.

This is the time to leave out everything that you are not going to use again. If the clothes are in good condition, you can donate them or sell them in second-hand stores.

If you have clothes that you like and if you have worn them but need an arrangement you can update the clothes yourself. This way you will save some money in the renovation of your wardrobe.

Step 2: Make the most of the space

Once you have selected everything you will keep, you have to find a way to organize it so that everything fits in the space you have. We give you some tips to take advantage of the closet.

Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

  • Purchase accessories to organize cabinets, such as boxes for storing clothes or portable shoes. These will help you to organize everything better.
  • Instead of placing shoes on the floor of the closet using the shoelaces. These can be hung behind the door of the same cabinet. Or you can look for an exclusive place to have them. Organizing them under the bed is an alternative.
  • Place the second hanger at the bottom of the closet, so you’ll have room to put more clothes. It is advisable that you put their shirts because most will have a similar length. On the top hanger, keep your pants, skirts, and dresses.
  • Sort the clothes by type, separating what you use for the work of the garments for parties and the house. Place all the pants together, the skirts separated from these, the shirts and shirts in another group. By doing so you will know where each garment is and you will go straight to what you need.
  • Add drawers to organize clothes. Now that you have removed the shoes from the floor, you can place drawers to store more clothes, accessories, makeup. You could even allocate some for the most delicate footwear.
  • In boxes, for cabinets, you can also place those items that are not for daily use. So you will not have them occupying valuable space.
  • Save what you are not going to use for several months at the top or bottom of the closet. You must do this with clothes that are not seasonal. But before storing it for so long, take the necessary precautions so that it does not deteriorate.
  • To store necklaces, bracelets and other accessories you can use a frame on the wall. Not only will it be practical, but it will also be decorative. If you do not want them in sight, store them in a drawer.
  • The hats and scarves can go on a hanger so they do not take up much space. Like the portfolios.

Step 3: Establish an organization system

Now that you have managed to order all the clothes in the closet it is important that you learn to keep it that way. So you will not have to repeat this task so often.

To do this, establish a system with which you can work. For example, you can place all the hangers in the same direction. As you wear the clothes, put them on the opposite side. After the months you will realize what clothes you do not use and you can decide what to do with it.

Learn To Organize and Renovate the Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

When you go shopping at the store, check the closet first. See what you have and what you need, so you do not buy items that are repeated or have the same pattern as you already have. Place the new clothes on the top of the drawers so you can find it quickly and do not go unused.

In addition to this, you can also get rid of an old garment for each new piece you buy. This is a way to not overload your wardrobe.

There are many ways to take advantage of old clothes. If you have deteriorated shirts that are not worth using again you can use them as rags. But if they are just outdated, you can update them by adding some details and you will not have to buy new ones.

You can also update other items such as pants, shirts, dresses, among others. You can turn jeans into shorts or a shirt into a blouse. It’s a matter of having a little imagination.

And if you prefer, you can donate clothes to people who need it more than you, as long as it is in good condition.

Have you learned how to organize and renovate the wardrobe in 3 simple steps? If you have another trick, leave us a comment.

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