Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

No matter how we deny it, but each of us has a little bit of faith in faith. There are things in this world that are completely beyond our control and it is very difficult to explain why life went awry. Many believe that bad karma is caused by mistakes and sins accumulated in past lives. To minimize the negative impact on today’s events, I suggest learning how to calculate karma by date of birth.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Calculate the karmic number is very simple. Take your date of birth, for example, 09/12/1984. Now we sum up all the numbers: 1 + 2 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 34. Thus, the karmic number is 34.

Let’s figure out how to continue to work with the number:

34 is a meta-cycle. That is, every 34 years in your life there will be a kind of karma examination or a global event that will radically change fate. The resulting figure indicates the level of soul development and who you were in your past life. The first two-digit number indicates whether you have karma assistants. The second number indicates the mistakes made in past lives and tells you which direction to go.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Now I propose to parse the value of the karmic number. Let’s start in order.

The level of soul development

At the first stage of development there are people whose karmic number is from 10 to 19:

  • 10 is the number of karma, but very good. It means that you have learned past mistakes and a wonderful life awaits you. Stable income, good health, and a happy family are given to you by right. Continue to do good. In your past life, you could be a shepherd or a hunter;
  • 11 – you can destroy such a trait as gullibility. You will have many children and no fewer marriages. Finding the perfect pair can take a lifetime and not a fact that will be crowned with success. Do not be alarmed, but in a past life you could be a thief or a murderer;
  • 12 – you are naive and need strong support. Get ready for the fact that all your life you can be deceived. The past incarnation is a terrorist or an enemy of the people;
  • 13 – the number of karmic debt. In a past life, you were selfish and irresponsible. Get ready for frequent problems. Work out the debt will turn out, only bravely enduring all the adversity and, bringing things to a logical conclusion. A slave or a prisoner is your past reincarnation;
  • 14 – will have to work out the debt for the care of reality. Refrain from alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances. Do not indulge your base desires. Sailor or soldier;
  • 15 – charm and natural magnetism will help to achieve the goals. Do not cross the moral line and do not use people. In a past life, you sold yourself for money;
  • 16 – modesty will help fulfill the karmic debt. Put the interests of loved ones above their own. Think carefully about every decision you make. Remember, royal blood flows in your veins, at least it was in the previous reincarnation;
  • 17 – you will finally find happiness in your personal life. Fate will return what you were deprived of in past incarnations. Beggar and completely lonely person;
  • 18 – you are cruel and selfish. Most likely related to crime. If you do not stop – life will be very short. In the past you are a sorcerer;
  • 19 is the number of karma. If you do not learn how to take care of the people around you completely disinterestedly, you will be alone until the end of life. Work out the debt than have your next reincarnation.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Following are the numbers of the second stage of development:

  • 20 – bring good to people and do not be afraid of obstacles. Your past life has been associated with money;
  • 21 – great happiness awaits you, the main thing is not to sit still, but move forward confidently. In the past you are a blacksmith;
  • 22 – Kindness and responsiveness are your main character traits. Communicate with people more often, and not go into your illusory world. Past reincarnation – petty thief;
  • 23 – work, perseverance, and kindness will help create a strong family and build a successful career. Dressmaker or seamstress.
  • 24 – Karma is in order, but only if you abandon unseemly deeds and evil thoughts. Overall a pretty happy life. In the last incarnation you painted icons;
  • 25 – curb your difficult temper and life will improve. Try not to carry your royal character into this life;
  • 26 – you should be wary of betrayal by your inner circle. Be careful. Sometimes, you can not trust even your own intuition. In the past you were a doctor;
  • 27 – do not be afraid of minor troubles of the first half of life. Kindness and sincere help to people will bring you great happiness. You were a scientist;
  • 28 – you do not know what morality is. Sometimes, you are completely immoral, but still a talented person. Do not spoil your karma and direct energy to the path of creation. Suicide – so ended your past life;
  • 29 – you were deceived in a past life, now they will deceive you. To keep in touch with the world, find a soul mate. You were a rich but deceitful merchant.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

The third stage includes the numbers from 30 to 39:

  • 30 – mind and developed intellectual abilities are given to you for a reason. Do good, and do not pursue money and fame. In the past you are a writer;
  • 31 – you are lonely, but it absolutely suits you. A long time ago you were an actor;
  • 32 – the number of active, sociable and optimistic people. Try not to talk too much. You were a traveler;
  • 33 is a very good future. You will be happy if you dedicate your life to teaching children. The great magician in the past incarnation;
  • 34 – the difficulties of the first half of life are compensated by a cloudless life after 35 years. Expect family happiness and financial well-being. Knight;
  • 35 – do not despair, but your fate is not very good. Wait for problems, betrayals, treason. Spend a lot of time with children. They can be addicted to alcohol and drugs. In the past, you are a singer with a failed career;
  • 36 – do not rely on the help of others. If it is possible to achieve stability, then only with its own forces. In a past life, you were a convict;
  • 37 – success always and in everything. But don’t be too proud. Be able to thank and share the fruits of your labors. Hermit;
  • 38 – trust no one, rely only on yourself. In the past you were a girl of easy virtue;
  • 39 – stop envying and life will improve. Inveterate player.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

And finally, the fourth step:

  • 40 – many of you do not understand and do not support. Look for inner strength to achieve all your goals. Writer;
  • 41 – you are surrounded by numerous fans and you, without thinking, are used by people. Do not forget that selfishness and the eternal search for your own benefit are fraught with dire consequences. Poetess;
  • 42 – life is filled with happiness and vivid emotions. In the past, you brewed beer;
  • 43 – get ready for trials on all life fronts. You were a royal person, executed for treason;
  • 44 – Dangers lurk at every turn. Killer;
  • 45 – real life will begin only after 40. Before that, prepare for disappointments. Doctor;
  • 46 – happy life. Just choose your spouse, guided by the heart, not mercantile desires. Military;
  • 47 – carefully select friends. On the path of life, you will meet many traitors. Hermit;
  • 48 – develop your leadership skills and succeed in your career. In the last incarnation you worked with weapons;
  • 49 – you are destined to a lonely and gray existence. Sinners in this way are paying the price for previous mistakes.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Help in practicing karma

If the first digit of your karmic number is even, a person will surely appear in your life who will help to work out the sins of past incarnations. He will tell the right path. Odd numbers are anti-helpers. On the contrary, they will interfere with maintaining the correct lifestyle. Try not to deviate from the intended course, but protect yourself from people with obvious negative thoughts. If your karmic number is unambiguous, you have practically no sins that require practicing. Try not to spoil everything.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Second digit value

The second digit of the karmic number helps to learn about the destination. Carefully read and learn what mistakes to avoid:

  • 1 – selfishness, which was your main feature in past lives, will not allow you to find love and true friends for a long time. Beware of deceptions from loved ones and never lie to yourself. Unselfish deeds and good deeds will help improve karma;
  • 2 – in past incarnations, you did not want to take responsibility and lived in your pleasure. Now, fate is not on your side and attracting luck will be quite difficult. We’ll have to fight for a place in the sun. The main thing is not to risk your life and show prudence;
  • 3 means you were pretty mean in the past. Be sure to engage in charity and help people in need. Develop your spiritual qualities and do not pursue material goods;
  • 4 – you have already cleared your karma because in your past life you had to go through bad luck and loneliness. Now you will find family happiness. The main thing is to appreciate the gifts of fate and take care of loved ones;
  • 5 – the number of those who dedicated the past life of black magic. Avoid the supernatural, and serious problems will bypass you;
  • 6 – in the past life, you did everything right. In this – keep harmony and do good. Carefully weigh any decision and help people around you;
  • 7 – the past incarnation was accompanied by constant difficulties, failures, moral and physical pain. Now everything is fine. The main thing is that victories do not turn your head. Try to restrain yourself and not to embark on all serious things;
  • 8 – in a past life you hurt your loved ones, and in this life, the situation will change with the exact opposite. Try not to revenge and bravely endure all offenses. This is the only way to ensure good karma in the next reincarnation;
  • 9 – your past incarnation was very short. Therefore, fate gave you natural wisdom and intuition. Listen to your inner voice when you make important decisions and do not forget to help people;
  • 0 – you were a very hard working person, so in this life, you will find.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Karmic relationship

By the date of birth of both spouses, you can calculate the compatibility of the couple. Interesting? Then proceed to the calculation.

Natalia – 02/15/1988. Karmic number: 1 + 6 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 35.

Oleg – 11/01/1983. His number is: 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 24.

We determine the sum of two numbers: 35 + 24 = 59.

Now we need to subtract 22: 59-22 = 37. When the desired number is greater than 22, you need to take away again: 37-22 = 15.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

You can proceed to decipher the values:

  • 1 – the man will be the head of the family, imposing his world view. A girl is better not to interfere in his affairs and not to provoke conflict situations. In general, the union will be very interesting and creative. The main thing is to find points of contact;
  • 2 – you are soul mates who understand each other without words. Absolute harmony will be present in your relationship;
  • 3 – a stable strong family in which the main decisions will be made by a woman. Try not to listen to the advice of close relatives in order to maintain mutual understanding and harmony;
  • 4 – passion and strong emotions will prevail over common sense. Try not to limit each other’s personal space and do not succumb to the destructive feeling of jealousy;
  • 5 – value your partner. He will help you navigate in life and take the right position. Do not pay attention to the difference of character, temperament and social status;
  • 6 – misunderstanding is possible only at the initial stage of the relationship. The longer you are together, the stronger love, happiness, and mutual support;
  • 7 – bright and dynamic relationships, filled with travel and new acquaintances. However, the probability of betrayal is high;
  • 8 – it is rather a marriage on mutually beneficial terms. Do not try to change the partner, change yourself;
  • 9 – these relationships can hardly be called comfortable. Both partners will experience a mutual feeling of loneliness, lack of love and attention. Ultimately, the couple break up;
  • 10 – you are incredibly lucky. Relationships will help to achieve success and significantly increase financial wealth. This is a lifelong relationship;
  • 11 – uneasy relationship. Both partners are strong in spirit and character. The constant power struggle will lead to rupture. The only way out is to look for compromises;
  • 12 is a relationship requiring sacrifice. To save them will have to give up some important things or people. Unfortunately, even this will not save from the difficulties and lack of mutual understanding. That is your karma;
  • 13 – It is unlikely to save the relationship. Partners are incompatible. In addition, the likelihood of domestic violence is high;
  • 14 – you have common goals, you feel comfortable and cozy with each other. The union will be long and happy;
  • 15 – better give up this relationship. The union is involved in manipulation, cunning, and strong sexual affection;
  • 16 – you are too different. Frequent quarrels will lead to parting and completely weaken both morally and physically;
  • 17 – you are two halves of a whole. Appreciate your partner and be sure to live with him a long and happy life;
  • 18 – you do not know your loved one. A lot of misconceptions and incorrect judgments. You will be hard together. High probability of change;
  • 19 – you are fine: strong family, happy children, mutual support and absolute harmony;
  • 20 – it will be difficult at first. It takes time to know the true essence of a loved one. Do not worry, you will become not only passionate spouses but also true friends;
  • 21 – you are compatible at the energy level. Get ready for a life-long relationship;
  • 22 – extremely unstable relationships. One of you craves for freedom. To be together you have to temper your desires and put the interests of your loved one in 1st place. High probability of divorce.

Numerology: Karma And Karmic Relationships By Date Of Birth!

Now you know how to calculate your own karmic number. I do not urge you to blindly follow the recommendations of numerologists. But it is still worth trying to be a little kinder to those around you and not deny your loved ones the necessary support. Karma will definitely be better.

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