Maria Pedraza Net Worth, Lifestyle and Full Bio

Maria Pedraza Net Worth

María Pedraza (January 26, 1996) is a Spanish actress who, without a doubt, stole the hearts of young audiences with her characters as Marina Nunier Osuna and Alison Parker in Elite and La Casa de Papel, respectively. The biography of María Pedraza tells us the story of a dancer who, unexpectedly, became a great performer.

Biography of Maria Pedraza

Maria Pedraza Net Worth

Madrid saw the birth of María Pedraza ( January 26, 1996 ), who became one of the most promising actresses in Spain.

María grew up in a conventional family, which is not linked to the world of culture. Her sister studied to be a police officer and her parents has professions far from the artistic world.

At the age of eight, the actress entered the conservatory to improve her artistic skills. At 18, she completed her degree at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma, where she made various presentations.

Upon graduation, María decided to continue studying acting, thanks to the influence of her mother, who told her that this discipline could help her with her confidence.

Maria Pedraza Net Worth

María Pedraza wanted to be a great dancer, but an injury to her fibula prevented her from fulfilling this dream. Maria Pedraza Net Worth is 2 million Dollars.

From Instagram to cinema

María Pedraza occasionally modeled work that she showed on her personal Instagram account. In this social network, she was discovered by the Spanish director Esteban Crespo, who was looking for the protagonist of her next film, Amar.

Amar (2017) is a dramatic film that tells the story of Laura and Carlos, two young people who will experience a series of contradictions within love.

World recognition would come with La Casa de Papel (2017), an original Antena 3 series. In it, she plays the character of Alison Parker, daughter of the English ambassador to Spain.

That same year she participated in If you were you, an interactive series in which she played the roles of Cristina Romero and Alba Ruiz Alonso.

At the beginning of 2018, María Pedraza was announced as the protagonist of Elite, a series that tells us about the events that led to the murder of Marina Nunier, her character.

After her success with Elite, the actress received a contract to be the lead in Toy Boy, a production made for Atresmedia. María also participated in the Spanish film Who would you take to a desert island?, broadcast by Netflix.

Maria Pedraza in privacy

María Pedraza dated her cast partner, Jaime Lorente, with whom she worked in La Casa de Papel, Elite and Who would you take to a desert island?

Previously, she was in a relationship with another actor, who helped her with her acting skills and inspired her to become a big acting star.

In her daily life, María is a faithful cat lover and has one, which she boasts about on her social networks.

The actress affirms that fame does not matter to her and that she will always be a simple and somewhat shy girl who loves music as well as dancing.

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