How To Learn To Control Nutrition

How To Learn To Control Nutrition

One of the reasons for the extra kilograms is that people do not always realize how they eat, how much and what they eat. In the end, it is this frivolous attitude to nutrition that provokes the consumption of excessive amounts of kilocalories and, as a consequence, to excess weight.

Many people probably know the situation when there is an ungrounded desire to eat something delicious. At the same time, you do not feel hungry. But if during the main meals you can track the number of calories consumed, then “showering” all day with chips, crackers, chocolate bars or other harmful food, this is quite problematic.

And after all such food – the main source of superfluous kcal, which are quickly postponed in the form of hypodermic fat, but to dump it is not easy and long.

How To Learn To Control Nutrition


Show yourself that you are a sensible person and once again when you want something to chew harmful, ask yourself: is it necessary for you and your body. It’s one thing if your snack consists of fruits or vegetables, but it’s quite another – when your hand reaches for a packet of chips or salted rusks. There can be no question of any benefit in this case. Appetite, like the feeling of hunger – a physiological phenomenon. Only in contrast to hunger – not instinctive and unconscious.

The only way out is to monitor your appetite, be able to distinguish and correctly interpret the signals that our body gives. Therefore, you need to understand – the feeling of hunger is different and the ways to satiate the body should also be different.

So how do you learn to keep your appetite under control nutrition?

1.”Visual” hunger

If viewing pictures in a book about healthy and healthy food causes a process of saliva secretion, then this is a “visual” famine. In this case, you can moderate appetite as follows:

switch and “eat” your eyes with something else. Say, a landscape or a good photo. Maybe this will be enough for you to stop eating;

serve the table before each meal, even if you are eating alone. In the design, give preference to cold blue and green shades: they can suppress the appetite. Include pleasant music – with it you will eat more slowly;

Before a meal carefully consider what’s on your plate, not the contents of an iPhone or tablet. And no TV! Gadgets or watching TV programs carry us, so we do not notice how to eat a large portion.

How To Learn To Control Nutrition

2.The Hunger of Smell

The ability of a person to recognize 10,000 odors gives him the opportunity to enjoy not only the food itself but also its fragrance. Appetite can only be aroused by one flavor of food.

In order to ease the feeling of hunger, you need to do the following:

  • inhale the aroma of food on plates, just like we do with wine in a glass. The smell of food can “convince” the brain of what you have already eaten;
  • arrange aromatherapy sessions, using sweet aromas that reduce appetite, such as cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg.

3.Natural hunger

If rumbles in the abdomen, there is a general discomfort, nervousness – it’s time to replenish energy reserves. In this case:

  • learn to distinguish between natural hunger and anxiety, which can also cause mild gastric spasm;
  • consume food slowly, chewing it carefully. This improves the digestion process, and you also use fewer calories;
  • do not eat the whole serving. Japanese, for example, famous for a large number of centenarians, satisfy hunger only by 80%. And it is better to eat from small plates and small appliances in general, so as not to overeat. Cut the food into small pieces, so you will automatically extend the mealtime;
  • putting the next piece of food in your mouth, think about how important it is to thoroughly chew, focus on this procedure;
  • Before a meal, try to drink a glass of water – it’s easy to confuse thirst with a feeling of hunger;
  • adhere to the principles of fractional nutrition – eat at least 5 times a day in small portions; Enrich the diet with foods that contain a large number of complex carbohydrates and proteins. In addition, do not ignore the use of fruits and vegetables.

How To Learn To Control Nutrition

4. Hunger of taste

Often there is a desire to feel in the language of a certain product. Our taste buds force us to eat more food than we just need to have fun.

To pacify them:

  • try the same product in different ways of cooking it. For example, you can alternate raw fish with baked or fried. As it is traditionally done in the national cuisine of the Japanese;
  • diversify your diet to be content with quality, not quantity. It’s not for nothing that the chefs of restaurants around the world are trying their best to cook something special, special.

5. Hunger of the mind

Do not force yourself into a gastronomic framework. If you constantly think about what you can eat, and what you can not and eat only by the rules – you are guaranteed a breakdown.

Sometimes pamper yourself with favorite treats (for example, ice cream or a piece of chocolate).

And that after the first portion you do not want to continue enjoying and eating enough, buy your favorite foods in small quantities.

How To Learn To Control Nutrition

6. Hunger of emotions

Children’s memories often cause us to associate with a certain food. We begin to eat it not for the sake of saturation, but to again feel the homely cozy atmosphere, my mother’s love, and care.

Emotions turn to food, and this has nothing to do with the feeling of hunger. This is also the case when eating delicious dishes, we try to dispel sadness-melancholy, decorate loneliness, suppress anxiety and excitement.

To restore peace of mind, you can eat a small portion, while enjoying every little one. And also – “gather all the will into a fist” and try to wait 20 minutes.

At this time, do some business: read the book, call your friends. Perhaps this will enable you to resist the temptation and outsmart your body for its own good.

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