Knowing Your Competitors is important

Building a successful online presence requires more than just a good website. You need to understand your customers – who they are, and what they want. If you’re trying to break into a new niche, or grow your reach and market share in a crowded marketplace, then understanding your competitors is a good first step. The more you understand, the bigger your business will grow and the chances of moving offices to a larger location will be better.  If you choose a Offices to let Basingstoke company at links like you get lots of things included like car parking, lifts and air conditioning.

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Where Does Their Traffic Come From?

Building links for a new website requires a lot of research – you need to find potential link partners and reach out to them to ask them to link to you. Figuring out which companies to pursue partnerships with, and which will give you the best results, can be time consuming and a little frustrating, which is why competitor backlink analysis is so useful.

One thing that many successful companies do incredibly well is write great press releases. During the course of your competitor analysis you may find that your rivals have mastered the art of blogger outreach or that they are particularly good at finding newsworthy angles on the work that they are doing.

Having an understanding of what your competitors are doing will help to guide your marketing efforts and also give you an idea of who their customers are. This will show you holes in your marketing strategy, and potential untapped audiences, as well as help you frame questions so that you can understand why some people are buying from your rivals instead of from you.

Improve, Don’t Copy

Working with a company who offer web design you can ensure that your website is stylish and user-friendly, and that all of the promotion work is on-point too. They can help you to identify what it is that is making your competitors so successful so that you can take their formula and make it your own. Copying the work another brand is doing will likely backfire and leave you with a weak brand identity. However, if you add your own twist to the marketing you will see better results.

Your competitors have done the hard work of figuring out what works and what does not in their niche. It makes sense to build on the things that they have tried. Once you have a stable and steady supply of traffic you can start to experiment with your own marketing ideas, operating on a “trust, but verify” system. After all, just because your competitors found that sponsoring events was an unnecessary expense that offered little return, it does not mean that you will also see limited returns from such efforts.

Don’t waste time with a scatterspray link building and marketing approach. Focus your resources on reaching the highest quality link targets and marketing your company to the people who have the most reach, and the highest quality prospects. That is how you build a healthy and enthusiastic user base, and how you will ensure the best possible growth prospects for your brand.

Author: Kei Taylor

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