Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is often a necessary measure due to the lack of space in the bathroom. About the laundry, the owners of most modern apartments with small bathrooms can only dream of. At the same time, kitchen design with washing machine can be very stylish and practical, as can be seen in the photo below, you just need to select the appropriate model and install it correctly.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Pros and cons of placing cars in the kitchen

Reflecting on the project of installing a washing machine in the kitchen, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons of this design.

The advantages of kitchen design with washing machine:

  • Precious square meters in the bathroom are released;
  • Ease of connection due to the proximity of all communications;
  • The ability to install a full-sized model with all the options that would not fit in a small bathroom;
  • The convenience of operation of all devices with simultaneous control of the process of cooking, washing, drying;
  • Compliance with fire safety standards, which is not always possible with constant humidity in the bathroom.

Cons installation machine in the kitchen:

  • The smell of laundry detergents is inappropriate in the room where they are cooked and eaten, and the particles of the powder that gets into the air and onto the products are harmful to health
  • After washing, the machine needs to be ventilated with the door open, which will interfere with movement in the kitchen;
  • Noise and vibration emitted by the unit will interfere with conversations at the table, watching TV;
  • Modern technology is sometimes difficult to fit into the interior of the kitchen;
  • Many housewives do not use baskets, putting dirty things in the drum of a typewriter; – in the kitchen, such a habit will contribute to the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

As practice has shown, and the personal experience of people who have chosen a kitchen design with washing machine, the above disadvantages are easily neutralized. Instead of dry powders, use liquid detergents. Harmful particles will not get into the air, and when washing the gels are completely dissolved. Get a laundry basket with a tight lid: it will decorate the interior and eliminate odors. Noise and vibration are partially neutralized by special nozzles on the legs of the machine. Porcelain tile is ideal as a floor covering; the unit will be less noisy than on linoleum or parquet gloss. Run the wash better in the evening, so that the sounds do not interfere with those present in the kitchen. Accordingly, the machine will be aired in the morning, when everyone leaves for work.

Think over the kitchen design with washing machine should be in advance, preferably at the stage of repair. By entrusting the creation of the project to specialists, you will save yourself from many problems, and the equipment will ideally fit into the interior of the room, as in the photo below.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Basic rules and restrictions

When developing a design project for a kitchen with a washing machine, there are a lot of nuances to consider, including the layout of the furniture, the location of the main units, communications, the style of the facades, furniture and equipment, and other aspects. It is necessary to take into account a number of rules and restrictions regarding the location of the machine:

  1. The best way to install a washing machine is near the sink because in this case, you will not have to pull the sewer and water hoses across the room. According to the rules, the length of such communications should not exceed 4 meters.
  2. Do not install the appliance close to other kitchen units, especially those that tend to heat up: the oven and the hob. There must be a gap between them, occupied by one or two pedestals, pull-out, folding drawers or canisters. If it is impossible to avoid proximity, install special insulation.
  3. The gap between the side planes of the washing machine and the walls of the furniture should be at least 2 centimeters. This is necessary because when pressing and drying the appliance vibrates and can damage the furniture.
  4. If you decide to hide the car behind the fronts of the kitchen set, you need to install a door or doors that will open at an angle of at least 90 degrees.
  5. It is impossible to block access to the lower part of the device with the filter by the furniture base, or it is necessary to provide a removable base.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Kitchen design with washing machine

There are two main types of washing machines:

  • Detached units;
  • Embedded models.

The first category is distinguished by a wide variety of model range, functions, design, color assortment. You will be able to choose a suitable device for all parameters, which will fit into the design of the kitchen according to style, color, size and will be equipped with a full set of necessary programs.

An embedded model can cost a little more than a classic one, but it fits perfectly into any kitchen and you don’t have to search for the best option for a long time. Such machines have special fastenings for the front door and do not need a separate furniture box. Their disadvantages include limited functionality and a range of models.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

The choice of location for the car in the kitchen depends on its layout, design, practical considerations in terms of convenience and safety. For small rooms, an option with an angular sink and a symmetrical arrangement of equipment is often chosen. The washing machine can be installed in close proximity to the sink, but it is better that there is at least a narrow cupboard or drawer between them, as in the photo. On the other side of the sink, the oven should be located at a distance of one or two furniture blocks. If the kitchen area allows, it can be completed immediately with two laundry units: a washing and drying machine, placing them horizontally or vertically in a special cabinet.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Under the folding table top

This option is suitable for narrow machines with vertical loading. Thanks to the folding table top, the unit is completely hidden and almost merges with the headset, forming a bar counter. Very convenient and practical, including for small kitchens, where you can not put a full-fledged dining table.

Under the stationary tabletop

If the design of the kitchen with a washing machine does not involve the installation of a built-in model, the common worktop will help to integrate the unit into the existing design, as in the photo. This can be done even from the end, it is only necessary to choose a compact model with a width of not more than 59-60 centimeters. The standard height of kitchen cabinets of the lower tier is 84-88 centimeters; therefore, you need a machine just below this size. The average height of the classic models is 85 centimeters. If the appliance does not fit under the countertop, experts recommend removing the volume top panel of the washing machine, replacing it with a sheet of cardboard or plastic.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

In between modules

This version of the kitchen design with washing machine is the easiest since you will not need any additional devices and improvements to the furniture set. To fit the new device into the existing interior, as in the previous case, will help the selection of the model of a suitable color and design. For a bright kitchen, a classic white typewriter will suit, in harmony with a snow-white refrigerator and a stove (oven). Also popular shade of “metallic”, which is well combined with dark, colorful, glossy facades and kitchens “under the tree”, as in the photo.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

In a special cabinet

This option is suitable for both embedded and for stand-alone models, it is only necessary to correctly choose the size of the device. In the first case, the location of the machine is chosen at the design stage of the future kitchen, and the unit is subsequently installed in a special cabinet, a case of the desired size and shape. Also, it is necessary to provide a place for storing clothes, detergents and, possibly, to install a dryer. This design is convenient because you don’t have to invent ways to hide or disguise the device so that it doesn’t stand out from the general interior. In furniture of standard dimensions, it will be possible to install only a narrow machine with a depth of no more than 45-50 centimeters.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Under the sink

This variant of the location of the washing machine is suitable for very small kitchens, where every square centimeter counts. On sale, there are specially designed models, compact and low enough to fit in a cabinet under the sink. Their main drawback is a small load, the main advantage is the saving of precious space.

How to make the interior in the same style?

There are many options to beautifully integrate a washing machine in the kitchen interior. It all depends on exactly how you want to deal with this useful device: disguise it or make one of the brightest accents.

  • Facades and doors that hide the technique. This option is suitable for lovers of classic style and owners of modern kitchens, in which appliances and all utensils are in their own places and, moreover, are completely invisible, because they are hidden in all kinds of cabinets, drawers, and cupboards-columns. Additional kitchen module, custom-made or a common worktop with a door and a box will help to hide the washing machine.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

  • A technique to match the kitchen. If the style of your kitchen is minimalism or high-tech, and the fridge with oven has a characteristic metallic tint, choose a metallic-colored typewriter. For kitchens in retro style, you can purchase the corresponding electrical appliances with characteristic fittings, rounded shapes. The same stylish equipment of black, red, blue, yellow color will perfectly fit into a modern bright, glossy or black kitchen. Such models produce many well-known brands so that problems with searches will not arise. You can choose a typewriter and a refrigerator to match the kitchen façade, or, conversely, make them a contrasting accent.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

  • Sophisticated decor. To hide the modern unit in the kitchen in the style of country, shabby chic or Provence will help fabric or lace curtain, suitable for the design of other textiles. In more modern and classic interiors, you can use vinyl stickers or colored self-adhesive film. It will be cheaper than the branded model in the desired color.

Kitchen Design With Washing Machine

Study our advice and recommendations, be inspired by examples from a photo, and make out the design of kitchen with the washing machine on the taste!

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