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During the colder winter months, it is common to wander out to your car to be confronted with the windows all fogged up. This not only happens with your car but also with the windows in your house. It is one of the biggest problems with the joining of the cold outdoor air and the warm indoor air meeting either side of the glass panes. You can even find that the 8mm shower glass panels that you purchased from marvinandpinch.co.uk/products/8mm-clear-toughened-shower-screen-wetroom-panel-glass start to frost up whilst you are enjoying a nice long steam after a long hard day at work. But what causes the condensation to form and how can you remove it or prevent it from occurring?

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Essentially what happens is that when warm air and cold air meet, possibly either side of a glass panel, the warm air is unable to keep hold of its water content and so releases this only the colder surface. You can have condensation appearing on any material from glass, brick and even tiles and flooring. When condensation is allowed to from repeatedly and is not cleared quickly it can lead to the growth of mould which itself can multiple at incredible rates. This often happens at night when the temperature in our houses and cars start to cool down after we have had the heating on all day, which is why you often wake up to windows covered in little water droplets.

It is very easy to identify if you have a problem with condensation as it is visible in a number of ways, from the water droplets froing on the glass through to damp areas on the walls and discolouration and even peeling of wallpaper. Mould growth and musty smells are also an indication of a larger condensation problem that has resulted in mould growth.

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Some of the ways in which you can eliminate condensation is to try and circulate the air around your property and to always ensure that you always use the extractor fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. These fans are designed to help remove any of the excess moisture in the air that is caused by the hot steamy showers or pans filled with boiling water bubbling away on the hob. If you are able to open your windows slightly or even better open the vents on the insides of the windows this will help to adjust the temperature and help to prevent condensation from forming.

Author: Kei Taylor

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