How To Open A Wine Shop?

How To Open A Wine Shop?

Wine is one of the most common alcoholic beverages. For a long time, high-quality wine was considered an indicator of luxury and security. Wine drinks and wines are popular all over the world. This alcoholic drink is bought not only for the holidays but also just for dinner. And every wine connoisseur wants to feel the new taste of this drink and plunge into its open-source luxury. Here we discuss how to open a wine shop? 

Tips for how to open a wine shop?

How To Open A Wine Shop

Choosing a store location

Before you open a wine shop, you must select the appropriate room. The most acceptable option is the intersection of two streets with active traffic of pedestrians and transport. Well, if the store will be located near the subway or bus stops. The more people that pass through your store every day, the more potential buyers there will be. This law applies equally to all stores of daily demand.

How To Open A Wine Shop?

Requirements for the layout and design of the room

If we talk about the requirements for the room, the first of all it should be properly planned. Avoid stretched and narrow spaces. It is also desirable that in each zone there are windows – showcases. If you arrange the entrance to the store in accordance with the tastes of customers, then the number of unplanned purchases will be much larger, and, consequently, the profit of your store will increase.

How To Open A Wine Shop?

Permit Documents

Before you open this business, you need to obtain permits and approve the premises in the supervisory authorities (SES, fire brigade and so on). The room must comply with the requirements for this kind of shops. In addition, for the sale of alcoholic products, you must obtain a license.

How To Open A Wine Shop?

How to choose staff

To work in a wine shop, it is necessary to hire sales assistants, a commodity expert, an executive director, etc. For all workers, three or four full-time training should be provided. The staff should be well oriented in the assortment of the store, this is a very significant moment.

How To Open A Wine Shop?

Attracting customers

In order to attract customers, you must periodically organize wine tastings. You can also create your own website on the Internet and provide it with detailed information about wines and their properties, offering customer’s service through the website. To shop and make it successful, you need to constantly learn about wine something new. The owner of the liquor store should be an expert in the field of wine, this will add prestige to your outlet.

How To Open A Wine Shop?

Wine purchase

It is also necessary to conclude contracts with suppliers of wine. In order not to buy goods that are not in demand from the buyer, it is necessary to take in the staff of the sommelier or order products in an assortment. Experienced wine merchants recommend immediately negotiating with manufacturers for a phased supply of wine, to ensure the continued availability of products in stock. It is worth noting that the business is better to start with wine brands that are known to consumers.

How To Open A Wine Shop?

Few calculations

It should be borne in mind that the wholesale price includes not only the manufacturer’s selling price but also the cost of transporting products, customs duties, certification and importer mark-up. Also, the price depends on the cost of licenses to import alcoholic beverages. As a result, the difference between the price of the manufacturer and the wholesale company can reach 2-3 times.

The importer makes a premium on the goods, taking into account the type of wine. For inexpensive products from neighboring countries, the markup is usually 10-30%. Wholesalers add another 10% to the amount received. The cost of expensive brands of wines is formed differently. The markup of wholesale companies for elite wines can reach 50-100%.

To open a wine shop, you need investments in the amount of 200 thousand dollars. This amount includes a warehouse rental, accreditation of the company, the purchase of all required licenses, as well as funds for the purchase of the first consignment of goods. Investments will pay off within three to five years.

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