How to know if you have a high quality shirt

Shirts are a vital part of anybody’s wardrobe, and there are several signs that help you differentiate a high-quality dress shirt from a low-quality shirt. Read on to learn what to look for while shopping for a premium dress top, from cloth and buttons to plackets and seams. One safe bet for quality is Calvin Klein Menswear.

1. Buttonholes and more Buttonholes.

A good quality shirt should have buttonholes that are well-finished. This suggests neat stitches without missing threads or the seams getting frayed. Many stitching around the buttonhole should be required for the best quality tops. On all kinds of shirts, from formal to casual, good buttons and buttonholes are important, and for those unforeseen emergencies, it is also worth learning how to sew on a button yourself.

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2. Buttons sewn in correctly and securely.

To build a tidy look and safe fastening, the buttons of a shirt should be closely sewed. The perfect shirt has a criss-cross look to create an X shape for the stitching on the buttons. This makes the fastening of the button stronger. The shanking of the buttons, which is where the string coils around the back of the button to lift it up from the shirt, is another characteristic of a high-quality shirt.

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3. Reinforced seams on the surfaces

It is worth repairing the side seam gusset. This is the section at the bottom of the shirt’s ends, and tucking the shirt in gets a lot of wear and tear. So, this is why extra reinforcing is a good thing as it will greatly extend the shirts life.

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