Nicest but most expensive with built-in microwave

The microwave oven, like the stove and the oven, has become standard in a kitchen. Used correctly, it is an environmentally smart complement to the stove and oven. There are mainly two types of microwave ovens to choose from – built-in and stand-alone.

Which option is best suited is largely about how much the cost of buying the microwave oven may be.

Built-in or free-standing microwave

The nicest option is of course to have a built-in microwave. However, they are also guaranteed to be the most expensive option. In order to be able to build in the microwave oven, space is also needed in the kitchen shelf system.

If the microwave oven needs to be replaced, the dimensions of the new oven must also match the dimensions of the old one. Then it is clearly easier and cheaper to buy a freestanding microwave oven, even if it takes up some space on the kitchen counter. With such an oven, the appearance of the oven becomes quite important, as it tends to be visible properly.

It is not as important that the size is exactly right, but the one who has a small kitchen should be careful not to acquire an oversized microwave, as it steals space. However, read more to make sure that the microwave is large enough to fit the switches that will be used for the heating.

Rotation and power

Some microwave ovens have a rotating plate on which you place the food or liquid to be heated. Others do not. A rotating plates often means that the food is heated more evenly and that some of the food does not become cooked and the other cold.

The models that have two microwave inputs against the food also have a tendency to heat the food more evenly, compared to the ovens that only have a microwave input. The most important thing, however, is that the microwave can heat and thaw the food with a sufficiently high effect.

The power is measured in watts and is always stated on the product when sold. A high wattage indicates that the microwave is efficient.

The quality of the microwave

A microwave oven is mainly used to thaw frozen products and to heat food. How good the machines are at doing just that varies greatly. It shows several tests that have been done. The effect of the heating affects the cooking, not only in terms of taste experience, but also the bacterial content of the food.

Different ovens also take different lengths of time to heat the food, an important detail when it comes to energy efficiency. Feel free to compare different microwave ovens on one of the test sites available to see which ones really hold the measure.

Ease of use

Another important detail of a microwave oven is how easy it is to operate. Some models are an adventure to set up with a variety of digital buttons that must be pressed in the correct order. Other models are very pedagogically designed and make the heating options both simple and safe.

Feel free to try the mic in the store to get a grip on whether the program options that are given are well thought out.

Features on a microwave oven

Some microwave ovens have several fun effects that can be used by a food-loving owner. This can be a grill function, and / or a built-in thermometer that enables cooking to a greater extent.

There are also combined grill ovens and microwave ovens that make advanced cooking possible. These features can be practical, but the fact that the microwave really heats up in a way that prevents food from being destroyed is, after all, the most important thing.

Use the microwave effectively

Today, the microwave oven is widely used in our homes. When heating ready-made dishes and preparing smaller food portions, the microwave is a good alternative. A rule of thumb is that the microwave oven should be used when cooking small portions (less than four). However, the defrost function where the food is thawed is not optimal as it is better from an energy point of view if this is done in the fridge.

Author: Kei Taylor

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