How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

A stoop in children is a common problem that can make moms pretty nervous. According to statistics, it is observed in every second child of preschool age. And in adolescence, the curvature of the corpus is more common – the percentage of slouching children in high school exceeds 70.

Therefore, it is important for parents to understand what to do when their children slouching appears and what remedial measures are recommended to be taken at various degrees of exacerbation of the problem. And for this, it is important to find out what factors could trigger its occurrence.

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

Causes of pathology

The following factors can cause slouching in children:

  • weak or disproportionate development of the spinal muscles;
  • abnormalities in the formation of the feet, their incorrect formulation;
  • lack of motor activity – a long and regular presence in one position;
  • previously suffered back injuries left without proper rehabilitation;
  • Psychological problems (fears, complexes, etc.);
  • chronic pain or discomfort in the organs located in the abdominal cavity;
  • the initial stage of spinal curvature (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis);
  • developmental jumps or high growth;
  • hereditary factor – hypermobility (increased flexibility) of the joints;
  • Banal overload, which led to fatigue.

Treatment, first of all, should be focused on the elimination of causes that provoke slouching. Only, in this case, the curvature can be removed on its own, without the help of experts and any aggravating consequences.

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

Consequences of bad posture

In childhood, all organs and systems, including the skeleton, are at the stage of active growth and formation. Therefore, they are very vulnerable to any effects. But mothers should understand that the stoop treatment will be more productive if they begin to eliminate it at the stage of habit.

If you do not correct the stoop in a timely manner, the appearance of such negative consequences as:

  • rib deformation;
  • increased load on blood vessels;
  • improper location of internal organs, excessive pressure on them;
  • difficulty breathing, impaired oxygen metabolism, leading to deterioration of the brain;
  • undue fatigue;
  • destabilization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Development of osteochondrosis at an early age.

Among other things, as louched back will not in the best way affect the child’s appearance: incorrect posture can ruin even the best features presented by nature. A habit that has been grafted since childhood can also interfere with adulthood: a stooped person will seem to be insecure and notorious.

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

Treatment methods

An indispensable measure that can correct the curvature of any type at the initial stage is gymnastics. In case the problem is provoked by spinal deformity or other developmental abnormalities, a medical specialist should make an individual set of exercises. If the stoop is a banal habit or a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, you can correct the situation at home.

The complex of exercises to strengthen the spine

For these purposes, there is a whole range of simple, but effective exercises:

  • Stretching To do this, you need to put your legs a little wider than your shoulders, raise your arms up and pull with their help all the muscles of the back and abdominals.
  • Run. You can perform characteristic movements, staying in place, run in a circle or even go to the gym to do fresh air – any manipulation will help strengthen the back muscles and correct posture.
  • Slopes. To include the muscles in the work, you must first warm up the cervical region, tilting the head forward, backward and sideways. Then follow the slow slopes of the whole hull.
  • Stand at the wall. It is important to maximally press against the vertical surface of the scapula, nape, buttocks, shoulders, calf, and heels. I,n this position you need to be at least 3 minutes.
  • Waving hands (back and forth, in a circle, to the sides). This exercise can be performed with a flat back and in the slope.
  • Castle. To do this, you need to join your hands in the lock behind your back and slowly raise them to the limit of 20-30 times.

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

  • Pull-ups. It is possible to use both streets, and house horizontal bar. If difficulties arise with pulling up due to a weakness of the muscles, it is recommended to first simply learn to hang or pull up from a lower beam, positioning the body at an angle and leaning the heels on the floor.
  • Lifting limbs from a prone position. To perform the exercise, lie on your stomach, lift your head and alternately stretch your arms and legs towards the ceiling.
  • Swimming on the floor. As in the previous exercise, you need to lie on your stomach, tear the upper part of the body off the floor and perform movements that simulate swimming with a brace.
  • Bridge. To learn how to do this exercise, it may take a lot of time. An unprepared child needs to be informed that each time he will get better and better. For children with underdeveloped back muscles, you can use a gymnastic ball of the appropriate diameter.

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

To correct your posture, you need to perform the above exercises every day. Gymnastics should take from 20to 40 minutes – the time during which you can achieve the desired effect, but not overwork the child. Charging is recommended in the morning. This will enable the necessary muscles to work before the start of the day. In this case, it will be easier for the child to cope with everyday tasks.

What else can you do to correct your posture?

Of course, for the speedy correction of posture cannot be limited to exercise. You need to focus the attention of the child on his back. To do this, parents should be systematically monitored and make appropriate comments when the baby hunch his back.

If the child constantly slouches, and there is no possibility to remind him about his posture, you can purchase an orthopedic corset for the back. It will fix the muscles and spine in the anatomically correct position and help you quickly correct your posture.

The only disadvantage of wearing a corset is stiffness of movements and possible deterioration of blood flow in the problem area. Massage will help to correct the situation. It can be done both in stationary conditions and at home.

Back massage should last at least 20 minutes. It is best done with the use of special oils. When performing massage, it is important to perform all manipulations with strict observance of symmetry, as well as to work out all the muscles of the back.

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

Additional activities will help to correct the slouch in children:

  1. Walking home with a heavy book placed on the head. It is important to teach the child to make smooth steps with a flat back so as not to drop the book on the floor.
  2. The correct example. It is known that children tend to repeat the gestures and movements of their parents. A child will slouch less if he constantly sees adults in front of him with correct and even postures.
  3. Organization of the workplace of the baby. It is important to remember that children’s furniture should fit the size of the c, child. Only, in this case, he will be able to sit with a flat back.
  4. Organization of a berth. The base of the bed should be hard, and as a pillow is better to use a narrow roller.
  5. Sports sections. To correct the posture, preference should be given to activities not related to making sharp movements or lifting weights. To remove slouching, you can choose any kind of sports related to working out and stretching muscles (dancing, gymnastics, yoga, swimming).

How To Fix A Slouch In A Child?

Timely measures taken will help to quickly and permanently correct the child’s posture and prevent the development of a host of related health problems. To do this, parents only need to engage in the physical development of the baby and regularly strengthen his faith in himself!

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