How do you Become a Spy?

Many people love the idea of becoming a spy. Novels and films such as James Bond, and John le Carre stories continue to inspire a huge amount of people to want to join the secretive and glamorous seeming world of spies. But what is life for a spy really like and how do you end up becoming a spy?

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The application process isn’t as difficult as you may think – Many people think that applying to be a spy involves completing many Mission Impossible style challenges – but in fact it is just a matter of filling in an application the same as with most other jobs! MI5, MI6 and GCHQ all have application forms on their websites, and all 3 agencies deal with different things but all work very closely together.

The Requirements are More About Protecting Confidentiality than Driving an Aston Martin – The main requirement when it comes to being a spy is to maintain the confidential nature of the work. There are many agencies across the UK who deal with confidential information such as this confidential shredding company – this is not the sort of job where you can boast about it on Facebook!

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They Recruit a Wide Range of People – Don’t assume that you won’t get in – they require a wide range of talents and skills to run the secret services, so just because you haven’t been to Oxford or Cambridge you should certainly not rule yourself out. They value diversity and different styles of working.

Author: Kei Taylor

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