Four items that make a gardener’s work easier

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the UK, with around 27 million people regularly enjoying creating and nurturing their own green spaces. 

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According to research reported by the BBC, gardening could be the hobby that allows you to enjoy a longer and healthier life. Research shows that gardeners enjoy both a longer life and better health than those who do not have access to a garden.

Tools make life easier

There is no escaping the fact that gardening can sometimes be hard work! Fortunately, garden equipment makes common garden tasks easier and safer.

Whatever gardening equipment you choose, do not forget to check it regularly for any broken or missing parts. It is easy to find parts for the repair or replacement of Mountfield consumables, for example, from online stockists of Mountfield spares. These include all the essential Mountfield spares, such as new lawnmower blades.

Leaf blower vacuums

Raking up leaves is time-consuming. A leaf blower makes the task easier and faster, especially using a cordless version. The vacuum capability built into leaf blowers means you can use it to clear up debris all year round, which is ideal when a potting session has left compost all over your patio! 

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Cordless hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers enable you to trim hedges and shrubs quickly and neatly. Consider using a cordless version, which saves the hassle of unwinding cables. Cordless tools are much safer because there is no cord to accidentally cut through.

Robot lawn mowers

Mowing your lawn is one of the easiest ways to make your garden look cared for, but we often put off this job for longer than we should. Lightweight electric and cordless lawnmowers are available to make life easier, but the ultimate garden gadget has to be a robot lawnmower. Once you have programmed the robot lawnmower, it will mow your lawn on its own, freeing you up to plant flowers, pick the vegetables growing in your vegetable garden, or even sit back on your patio with a cup of tea and watch the robot do your hard work for you.

Gardening gloves

Power tools are a vital part of the busy gardener’s tool shed, but do not forget a pair of good quality gardening gloves to keep your hands clean and avoid injuries from thorns.

Author: Kei Taylor

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