Five Biggest Markets in Africa

Africa has a wide choice of markets, depending on what you’re interested in shopping for. Craftsmen are selling exquisite handmade items, others are cooking and serving local specialities to keep you full as you stroll around the markets. Want to make the most of your holidays? Discover some of the best markets in Africa, the best African destinations to visit for authentic shopping beyond shopping malls and supermarkets.

There are charming, colourful and vibrant open-air markets in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and many more. So many nice places to visit, and the great thing about marketplaces, souks, or bazaars, in Africa is the superior quality and good value of the produce on offer. When you visit a place in Africa, wandering around a market and real everyday interactions with locals is a great way to get to know some of the continent’s best travel destinations. Here are five of the biggest market in Africa from casinoroar online casino.

Khan el-Khalili, Egypt

The Khan el-Khalili is a major souk/bazaar in the historic centre of Islamic Cairo, Egypt. In this Cairo’s world-renowned bazaar, stalls are erected by shopkeepers and artisans, selling everything from fashion and furniture to food. One of the best places to visit in Africa for a local shopping experience, probably nothing you haven’t seen before. Khan el-Khalili is a great market for cheap souvenirs for family and friends. It’s a main attraction and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Here, you’ll feel and experience the authentic Egyptian culture!

Onitsha Main Market, Nigeria

Wholesale or retail? Anything you are looking for is available here at a good price. Located in Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria, Onitsha Market is Africa’s largest market based on the size and volume of goods. A regional commercial powerhouse attracting both traders and consumers from different parts of the continent down to Onitsha market to buy everything from clothing to industrial equipment, household items, and much more. As a tourist visiting Onitsha market, you’ll need a reliable local guide to assisting you with navigating and exploring Nigeria’s biggest market.

Kejetia Market, Ghana

With over 50,000 stores, Kejetia is one of the best and biggest markets in Africa. Located in the capital city of Ashanti Region, Kumasi, Kejetia Market (Kumasi Central Market), is the heart of all the commercial and socio-economic activity of the region. Going to this Kumasi Central Market is one of the fun top things to do in Ghana. A market filled with local produce from all over Ashanti region and beyond, offering everything from the handicrafts section to food sales canteens and second-hand items. Visitors can sample native products and delicious local treats whilst shopping for handcrafted souvenirs.

Ghana’s world-famous Kente textiles can easily be found in Kejetia market, as well as diverse traditional African prints, all for a good deal. Having a central location, it serves as gateway for visitors to indulge a bustling leisure centre, featuring bars and restaurants. Explore with the locals and enjoy authentic Ghanaian experience. Also, nearby attraction is the Kumasi Cultural Centre, a chance to gain knowledge on the Ashanti culture – the choice is yours. And from this location, you can still play games from best online casinos for US players.

Medina of Fez, Morocco

The medina of Fez is historic landmark and market all in one, is arguably the largest medina in the world. To enjoy it, get a guide and take your time. Tour with a local guide is awesome and so informative, explore the narrow streets of amazing sights and city’s aura. There are numerous shops, talk to the vendors, be nice and they give you a good deal. Don’t miss out this nice destination in Morocco, the culture is incredible!

Maasai Market, Kenya

The Maasai Market is easily the best flea market in Nairobi, Kenya, and one of the best in Africa. Nairobi might be known for being the gateway to numerous African safaris, visiting Kenya’s capital perfectly combines wildlife alongside true local shopping experiences. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that rewards tourists with great souvenirs from Kenya. Go, embrace the culture and wildlife, explore and have fun!

Author: Kei Taylor

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