Essential Aids to Own When You Have Limited Mobility

Nobody likes the thought of using disability aids but for those with restricted mobility, these devices can make life much easier and more comfortable.

There are several aids that you can buy to improve your mobility and make daily tasks easier. A rollator can help you get around the house and shops and has several shelves that will help you keep your balance. Other popular models are a cross between a rollator walker and a trolley, such as the ‘Walker Trolley’, which features a full braking mechanism and large wheels.

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Rollators are robust wheeled walking frames that provide more support than walking sticks. Three-wheeled models are more maneuverable, while four-wheeled ones are more stable and typically have a seat between the handlebars. A wheelchair, however, is not only convenient for everyday activities, but can also be life-enhancing when you have limited mobility. There are also a large variety of mobility scooters available. For more information on personal aids such as Bathing Aids, go to a site like Ability Superstore

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A walker is another important mobility aid to own. It provides excellent stability and can be pushed or pulled by the user. Unlike a traditional walker, a rollator can be folded away when not in use which is useful for those with limited storage space. A wheelchair can be pushed by the user, or can be powered by an electric motor. Fortunately, many stores offer test rides in their mobility scooters or wheelchairs before buying one.


Author: Kei Taylor

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