Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

December 22, 2018 0 By MHossaiN

Doorways in interior design and creating a comfortable living space are no less important than the window, although for a long time they received unfairly little attention. In an apartment, regardless of its area, the classical or non-standard design of the doorway can be its main highlight, eye-catching focus, or an organic part of the general idea. All ways of professional finishing and decorating with your own hands this constructive part of a housing can be divided into two main categories: openings with doors and without doors.

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Making a doorway with a door

The design of the doorway with a hinged or built-in door leaf is limited to the method of fastening this leaf. When choosing a finishing option, this point should be taken into account so that non-standard lining or decor of the plat bands and slopes do not hinder the opening and closing of the doors. Doors, as a rule, are purchased immediately complete with platbands, which does not prevent you from choosing a non-standard installation option, the type of doors or their design or decorate them after the purchase with your own hands.

Along with classic solid interior doors made of laminated chipboard, MDF, wood and alternative materials in classical style with similar trim you can purchase:

  • doors made of glass or stained glass;
  • compartment doors or accordion doors;
  • with an image or decoupage (this decor can be done with your own hands);
  • with a school or magnetic board (the original version for leaving notes and memos to yourself and other family members, you can also cover a regular wooden door with special paint, the effect will be the same);
  • camouflaged doors (covered with wallpaper, covered with plaster, paint to match the walls of the room);
  • bivalve (swing, sliding or folding).

Sliding doors can open, moving apart in different directions and hiding completely in the wall, but this option requires a complete rework of the doorway and part of the walls, which is not always possible. Alternatively, compartment doors on one or two guides over the wall and on the floor. In an apartment decorated in a rustic, rustic or loft-style so-called barn door will take root, moving along a thick bar. The lack of sliding doors – poor sound insulation, so they are often used for halls, hallways, living rooms, and not for areas that require privacy. These and other types of non-standard doors and openings are presented in the photo below.

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Doorway without doors

In most cases, the decision to leave the doorway without doors is due to the desire to give the apartment additional space, improve insulation, create the illusion of a bright, large room or combine different rooms without resorting to cardinal techniques (partitions demolition and redevelopment). Sometimes used such an option as the extension and change the shape of the doorway. Most often, a doorway without doors is located between the living room and kitchen, hallway and living room, corridor and antechamber.

Doorway shape

The choice of the shape of the doorway depends on the designer’s general idea, on the style of the room and the apartment as a whole, on its parameters, the location of the rooms, the presence of supporting walls and other important points. There are two categories of openings in the form:

  • ordinary (rectangular, created by the developer)
  • arched (of various types).

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Types of arches

The type of the arch is chosen on the basis of technical parameters (illumination, an area of the apartment, the presence of supporting walls) and the wishes of the owner. Typically, designers offer several options for arched openings, depending on the style of housing. So, lancet or “three-leaf” complex arches are attributes of Gothic and Oriental style, as in the photo. Classic round designs can be used in rooms of different stylistic orientation with the exception of minimalism and modern trends (hi-tech, pop art). Smooth and curved shapes are peculiar to modern style, therefore the arch can be fancy, streamlined, asymmetrical, as in futuristic interiors.

The shape and size of the doorway can visually change the geometry of the room. Thus, a low arch with a small radius of the upper arc is suitable for apartments with high ceilings, and high arches, on the contrary, “raise” the ceilings, but not always look good in narrow and long corridors. If necessary, it will be easy to insert custom-made doors into the rounded arch, but serious problems can arise with a lancet and other complex structures.

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Finishing materials for the design of doorways

Regardless of the shape and width of the doorway, a wide variety of materials can be used to finish it, according to the style and purpose of the room. Some finishes require special skills and are best entrusted to professionals, and some can be done with your own hands.

Traditional types of design doorways:

  • PVC tiles (planted on liquid nails with preliminary preparation of the opening and sanding of the finishing parts);
  • drywall (it can be used to give the archway aperture);
  • stucco (plaster stucco is unreasonably expensive, so it is common to use foam lining, they are as easy to install as PVC panels);
  • MDF panels imitating wooden frames and slopes (in this case it is better to turn to professionals);
  • stained glass (there is also not enough without specialists);
  • wallpaper (simple, beautiful and affordable option);
  • plaster, simple and decorative (it is possible to create patterns and patterns using stencils and special tools);
  • artificial stone or clinker tiles (easy to install, create the effect of “stone” facing of doorways, which is appropriate in rustic, ethnic, ecological styles interiors).

Examples of the use of classical techniques and finishing materials in the design of doorways, see the photo.

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Do-it-yourself door decoration

Even the most ordinary doorway with classic wooden frames or MDF profiles can be turned into something elegant and unbelievable with your own hands through simple techniques. Consider the basic ideas and materials successfully applied in this direction.

Textiles, blinds and cotton curtains

Woven drapery looks in the doorways as organically as on the windows. Depending on the style and your intentions, you can use rich, heavy and impervious curtains, for example, velvet, tapestry and other similar materials. It is not necessary that exactly the same curtains were hung on the windows, as long as the color and texture of textiles found support in other interior details: cushions on the sofa, carpet, wall decorations. Similar can be a picture or embroidery with gold threads.

Blinds in the opening – a lightweight version of the doors, resembling shutters on the windows or door leaves in the saloons of the Wild West. It is successful if such sashes will be in harmony with the window design or the doors of the wardrobe, as in the photo below. An alternative – modern office sliding blinds.

Cotton curtains, glass beads – an excellent analog of heavy curtains and lambrequins. They transmit light and air, do not create the effect of a closed room, but they perfectly zone the space if necessary.

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

Shelves and racks

Lack of storage space in the room successfully fill the shelves and racks located on both sides and above the doorway. You can buy ready-made designs for storage or make them order, give them an unusual shape, color, make open or glazed like a shop window. Depending on the purpose of the room and the needs of the owners around the doorway, you can store books, trinkets, accessories, items from your personal collection, in short, everything your heart desires.

Flight of fancy

If you have a penchant for creativity, and you love to create beautiful objects with your own hands, why not apply your talents in the design of the doorway? It is possible to create an organic and exclusive pattern on or around the plat bands using a stencil and acrylic paints. If you are good at brushing, then you will not need a stencil, and unusual hand-painted painting will be the best decoration for your home and your pride.

Decoration Of The Doorway Without A Door- Decorative Options

For a pre-treated surface, you can apply the modern decoupage technique, decorate the space around the doorway with tiled tiles, hand-painted tiles or stained glass elements, mosaic pieces, mirrors. Do not forget about the decorative possibilities of illumination, various garlands, and suspensions. There are many options for the manual decoration of doorways; you just have to choose the one that best suits you and your vision of a cozy and beautiful home, stock up on tools and patience. Examples of design doorways for inspiration see our photo collection. We wish you creative success!