Choose A Mirror For The Bathroom: Types, Tips And Useful Recommendations

Choose A Mirror For The Bathroom: Types, Tips And Useful Recommendations

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are no excess pieces of furniture in the bathroom? Each element fulfills its task and it is important to approach the choice of everyone consciously and seriously. Today we will talk with you about how to choose a mirror in the bathroom.

First, we will outline the main criteria that should be taken into account, and then consider each in more detail.

So, in this article we will talk about:

  • What kinds of mirrors are there?
  • What type of spraying is used for mirrors;
  • Fittings of mirrors: what you need to pay attention to;
  • What forms are and what will suit your interior.

Types of mirrors in the bathroom

Not surprising, saying that now there are a huge number of different types of mirrors. They can be: cosmetic, magnifying, combined with furniture, decorative and stand-alone, with or without lighting. Therefore, before buying, you need to decide which type of mirror to choose in the bathroom.

Choose A Mirror For The Bathroom: Types, Tips And Useful Recommendations

Cosmetic and magnifying

The name “cosmetic” speaks for itself, such mirrors are designed for cosmetic procedures. They can be either a primary mirror or an additional one that performs decorative functions simultaneously.

Magnifying mirrors help to visually expand the space of the bathroom. A great option if your bathroom is small in size.

Do not forget that cosmetic mirrors are not always magnifying mirrors, and magnifying mirrors are not always cosmetic. Models of small mirrors can be with a simple reflector. Therefore, if you are an ardent opponent of magnifying mirrors, you can always find a simple cosmetic mirror. If you need to choose a high-quality mirror with the magnification effect, then consider both sides of the mirror and find the bar “indicating the size of the magnification.” Choose for yourself the most relevant option.

Mirrors, combined with furniture and separately standing

Does it make sense to disassemble this item? We think that everything is clear here. Let’s not only that the mirrors combined with any furniture, will help to save considerable space of a premise. The mirrors that come with the set are advantageous for purchasing also because you will have an “ensemble” of furniture in a single style, in which all elements perfectly match with each other and there will no longer be a need to select each element separately. However, individual mirrors can better meet your expectations. The choice is up to you. But if you still have more questions on this item, feel free to ask them to our managers, they will be happy to explain everything to you. In the meantime, go further.

Choose A Mirror For The Bathroom: Types, Tips And Useful Recommendations

Mirrors with and without lighting

Here we will dwell in more detail. How to choose a backlit mirror that meets all your requirements is not an easy task. The illumination for the mirror in the bathroom should well illuminate both the mirror itself and the person’s face.

Select the following types of lighting:

  • External;
  • Internal;
  • Decorative.

External illumination allows you to illuminate not only the mirror but also objects close to it.

Such a backlight will be an excellent addition to the basic lighting, and also ideal for applying makeup or shaving.

Internal illumination details reflection. This backlight is provided by LED strips and blocks, which are most often located under frosted glass.

Decorative lighting only dilutes the interior of your bathroom, making it more interesting, while it does not help to achieve high-quality lighting.

It is important that you have the ability to turn off this backlight, otherwise, your reflection will be distorted, which, you will agree, is unpleasant.

Types of spraying mirrors

First of all, we shall single out the main types of sputtering:

  • Aluminum;
  • Titanium;
  • Silver

We advise you to purchase a mirror in a silver plated bath since they do not distort the colors of reflection, they are resistant to moisture and mechanical influences. Mirrors with aluminum sputtering are quite a budget option, but they do not tolerate moisture and are rather fragile. Titanium sputtering, by contrast, is strong, but it has one feature – such mirrors can distort the colors of reflection, giving it a blue tint.

Choose A Mirror For The Bathroom: Types, Tips And Useful Recommendations

Mirror fittings

If you decide to purchase a mirror, combined with a cabinet, it is important to pay attention to the hardware.

Preference should be given to furniture with micro lift, which contributes to a longer operation of furniture due to the smooth closing of doors. It is also recommended to purchase mirrors not with plastic ones, but with metal handles, they are more durable and will last you much longer.

Forms of mirrors

Now let’s talk about the shapes of mirrors.

The forms of mirrors are as follows:

  • Oval;
  • Round;
  • Rectangular;
  • Decorative (in the form of various figures and objects).

Let’s give some tips on how to choose a bathroom mirror, ideally suited to your interior:

  1. With the ceramic facing of the bathroom, the shape of the mirror must proportionally match its shape and pattern;
  2. The mirror should harmoniously blend with other elements of the interior, without introducing an imbalance in the perception of a holistic picture of the room;
  3. The exterior fittings should also be in harmony with the stylistics of other accessories in your bathroom;
  4. If you purchased a backlit mirror, make sure that its lamps are combined with those that give the main lighting;
  5. The larger the size of the mirror that you choose, the more it visually increases the space in the room.
  6. Also, one should not forget about the difference in growth among all members of the family. It is necessary to pick up the mirrors of the bathroom and fix it at such a height that everyone was comfortable and comfortable.


To summarize, we want to note that you can not give a clear answer which mirrors to choose in the bathroom for you, because the shape, size, color scheme and so on depends only on your preferences. Our specialists, taking into account your wishes, will advise you only quality mirrors that will last for many years, decorate your interior, and you will enjoy your own reflection every day!


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