Ensure Your Driving Posture is Right

Posture is important to ensuring that you feel well and are able to move around without suffering any aches and pains. Although when we think of bad posture, we mostly think about how we sit at a desk, we also need to consider how we sit when we are in the car.

Although when we are driving and learning to drive, most of the safety information that we learn is what is going on outside the car, from what chevron kits like these Vehicle Chevrons mean to how to drive on a smart motorway, we also need to consider how we are positioned when driving as poor posture when driving can not only cause long term pain but it can also cause you more problems if you have an accident.

Here are the main things to think about when you are driving to help you get the right posture:

Your Head – Ensure that your headrest is positioned so that the back of your head is touching it and when you are driving, sit back with your head touching the headrest.

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Your Spine – You need to ensure that there is even pressure on all of the spine as this is a particularly vulnerable part. Adjust the seat so that you are sitting back a little and get a lumbar support pillow for the lower back.

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Your Legs – You need to make sure that your legs are able to comfortably reach the pedals without having to stretch too much. If your knee is bent slightly when you are driving, you are sitting at the right distance.

Author: Brielle Walker

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