Two Examples of Graphic Design

  1. Visual identity graphic design

Brand identity is the relationship between an organisation or business and its target audience. Branding is how an organisation expresses its character, tone, essence, feelings and unique selling point. This type of graphic design is just that: visual elements that communicate intangible qualities of a brand through images, colours and shapes.

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Designers who specialise in visual identity elements, collaborate with stakeholders to create assets like unique typeface, company logos, colours, and collections of images. These assets represent the personality of a brand. Designers often create a set visual brand guidelines that include business cards, corporate stationery and other visual branding examples. These guidelines ensure that the brand is consistent across all future applications. For advice from Birmingham Design Agencies, visit

  1. Advertising and marketing graphic design

Most people associate graphic design with designs used in marketing and advertising. Successful marketing is essential for companies to influence their target audiences’ decision-making processes. Marketing that works engages people by focusing on their wants, needs and awareness, as well as the satisfaction they feel about a brand, product or service. Graphic design is a great way to portray messaging better because people are more likely to engage with visual content.

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Marketing designers create marketing assets in collaboration with marketing professionals, company directors, or managers. They may work as part of a creative or in-house team or independently. Designers may specialise in one medium, such as printed adverts, or they can create collateral that is suitable for digital, print and other platforms. Traditionally centred on print, this design type has expanded to include digital assets. This is especially true for content-marketing, and digital advertising.

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