American Style Fridge-Freezers

You can choose between a variety of styles for American-style fridge freezers. There are three main types: side by side, four door and french door. The advantages of each type may better suit your preferences and needs.

Side by Side

Two-door side-by side refrigerators are the original and most popular style of American fridge freezer.

This style features a fridge and freezer side-by-side. It is easy to organise frozen and fresh food with this layout. Of course, they also have more compartments on the doors. It is easier to sort your food and see everything all at once. For an Integrated American Fridge Freezer, visit

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French Door

French-style fridges and freezers are also called French doors. The freezer is usually a drawer that slides out from below the two refrigerator doors. It is popular because the majority of the refrigerator can be viewed at eye-level.

The fridge-freezer is an excellent choice for families that purchase more frozen foods than fresh. This is because their freezer compartments are larger than those of side-by-side models. Due to its location, you’ll need to bend over to reach the freezer. You may also find that the capacity of your freezer is less than on other models.

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Four Door

Four-door models have two top doors for the refrigerator and two bottom doors for the freezer. Four door models, because of their position, are sometimes classified as French-style. They have more doors, and they’re easier to access. These models make the most of their large storage capacity with a variety of shelves and drawers.

This model is more efficient because each section of the door can be opened meaning that less heat is lost when the doors are opened.

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