What Things Can Block Drains?

Our drains remove all the wastewater from our homes helping us to have homes that are clean. However, if you have a blockage in your drain this can cause all sorts of issues, from bad smells to damaged pipes, so you need to get a professional like this CCTV drain surveys company www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/cctv-drain-surveys/ to come and check your drains if you suspect they are blocked as soon as possible.

Here are some of the drain blocking culprits…

Baby Wipes – Although baby wipes are useful, they are not something that you should ever flush down the toilet. They are sticky and oily so can easily stick to each other as well as to other things, which can then of course cause a blockage to form in your drain.

Bath Salts – Who doesn’t enjoy a luxurious bath complete with lovely, scented bath salts? Well, be cautious, as those luxurious salts with all sorts of things in them could be blocking your drains. Although bath salts are designed to dissolve, some of the more luxurious ones that have additional things will of course just go straight down the drain when you have finished bathing – and this can cause blockages if you use them regularly as they build up.

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Oil and Fat – This is one of the biggest problems for the drains and sewers in the UK. Have you ever seen the pictures of the enormous fatbergs in the sewers? Well, these are created by oils and fats that have made their way down the drains. Of course that is the stuff that gets into the sewers. If you are tipping it down your drain, it is very likely that it can end up blocking the pipes.

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Soap – This is a strange one because although we use soap to keep things clean, the soapy residue can be problematic for your drains. On its own it is not too bad but if you have other things already blocking the drain it can stick to them and then form them into one mass, sort of like using glue. Liquid soap is the worst for this, so switching to a bar of soap can help.

Coffee – If you are a fan of having a nice cup of ground coffee in the morning to get you going, be aware that this can be a problem if you are pouring the remnants down the drain ground coffee can build up in the drain over time, and if there are other things in there it can really start to build up. When you are disposing of any leftover coffee grounds it is always advisable to put them in the bin!

Author: Brielle Walker

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