Beautiful decoration of Desks for small spaces

Beautiful decoration of Desks for small spaces

At a time when the computer has become the basic tool to have a complete student, work, personal and social life, the desk has once and for all become one of the essential furniture in any home.

In fact, it was far behind that of reserving them for study in children’s and youth rooms. It is also true, however, that finding enough space to place them is not an easy thing considering all the basic furniture that probably already occupies the majority of your space.

That is why if you want some good ideas to get a desk in the minimum number of meters possible, you can take a look at some of these original proposals that we give you in the following article about desks for small spaces.

Take advantage of the shelves

The space of a small one-meter wide shelf can be enough to get a complete desk. As you see in the image, you only have to place a small table at half-height protruding from the central part of the structure and take advantage of the rest of the furniture to store stationery and other necessary items.

This solution is not only very practical because it allows you to get a desk without the need to occupy more space, but it is also aesthetically very original. It can give a good innovative touch to the decoration of the room.

Using folding furniture

The following idea has some drawbacks, the main one that they do not work for traditional turret computers. However, if you have a laptop or if you simply want the desk to read or study, this is surely the best idea to occupy the minimum of space is to place folding furniture hanging on the wall. The idea is that it has a minimum of 30-40 cm thick to be able to store some stationery or electronic items in the space (as if it were a small traditional shelf).

In this way, this table will not only serve as a desk while you work, but it will also serve as a place to store all your utensils while you are not doing it.

Enable a built-in closet

Often it simply takes a little imagination to be able to reconvert spaces that we already have into a new piece of furniture with new uses. Do you have a small built-in closet that you can empty without problems? Then you have a guaranteed little desk. It is enough to place a fairly wide shelf at half height (or directly a desk) and others on the top as a shelf, chair and accessories and… Voilà! You already have a concealed and most original desks mounted.

Take advantage of the cornersTake advantage of the corners to set Desks for small spaces

Generally, the corners are spaces that are wasted. However, they are very useful corners and that can serve to get us out of some problems. The advantage of a desk in the corner is that every centimeter at the junction of both walls will be covered by the furniture, unlike those that are adapted in only one, so that every centimeter will be used.

It is important to analyze and follow the style of the room as well as take into account those materials that will serve to achieve a less physically and visually crowded space such as transparent materials (plastic, glass, etc.), steel or aluminum.

Tips for cleaning and organizing a desk

Whether in the office or at home, desks are often cluttered with things. Many times we cannot finish cleaning it because we do not know where to start. To make your task easier, we bring you some tips to clean a desk quickly but effectively.

The first thing we will do to clean the desk is to put the necessary things in boxes such as important papers, everyday objects and necessary. In another box, we will put the unnecessary or less important things.

Next step, we will throw away those that are not useful such as old stationery, old brochures and advertisements, worthless documents or copies, food wrappers, paper envelopes and old newspapers. We can give away some unused objects. For example, paper punches, extra staplers or devices that are no longer used. In case of wanting to get rid of something, we must be sure because later we will not be able to recover it.

We will keep a scanned copy of our most cumbersome documents or those that we have doubts about whether to throw them away or not. When we have them scanned, we will save them on DVD or USB and we will be able to recycle the papers with confidence.

We will keep personal items that are not really necessary or that do not have much personal value. It is not about having an empty desk but about our desk not looking like a gift shop. Some small ornaments are a good option to decorate.

Sort bookcases and occasional furniture

Next, we will organize our books on the shelves. Shelves help keep books in order. The trick to ordering a bookcase or library is to leave the books that we know we will not use for a long time on the highest part. On the middle shelves, we will put the classic books that may be needed suddenly and the papers with important documents. In part closest to our desk, we will put the books, notebooks and documents of daily use.

We will clean dust, dirt and stains well from all the furniture. It is very important to remove all the things that we have from the drawers and clean them thoroughly. At once we will throw away the things we do not need.

Once our desk is clean, we will put the things that we really want to be there, such as pencils and colors, in a single container. The papers in a single bin, telephone, fax and switch together … To avoid filling the desk again with things, it is useful to have a tray for input documents, so we can quickly remove unimportant documents.

A trash can near our desk is a good way to keep it clean. It is not advisable to store wrappers or garbage in the lower drawers. We must throw away the garbage as soon as it comes out. We must have a schedule to clean our desk, for example on weekends or when we are going to finish our workday.

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