A professional, reputable company that goes above and beyond customer expectations

Unfortunately, finding a professional, reputable company that goes above and beyond their customers expectations is pretty rare, however, a bespoke Liquid Filling business such as https://www.wyepak.co.uk/filling-packing-services/liquid-filling is doing just that!  Offering a comprehensive range of liquid filling options from 30ml to 25ltr and from glass, plastic and metal containers of gels, creams and liquids, their complex, futuristic machines can complete any filing requirement in a few hours that would take other companies a week!  Operating a zero land-fill policy and with an ISO 9001 Certification they not only meet your exacting standards but exceed them.  They can offer weekly or daily packing support, an automated liquid filling machine that can operate at over 2,400 fills an hour as well as incorporating multi-head technology.

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Having years of experience working with multinational clients they are a U.K. based specialist that can offer a competitive price and a quality, fast service for any of your companies liquid filling needs.  Expensive Fragrances, Cleaning Agents, Lubricants and Household Chemicals can all be filled with their technologically advanced machinery.  Taking great pride in every individual contract and working for the benefit of their customers they are truly a one in a million company.

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Personal Care and Household Cleaning Products, Cosmetics and Chemicals are all catered for, with their modern, technologically advanced equipment, increasing business output at the same time as minimising costs.

Author: Brielle Walker

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