Winter Women’s Hat. How To Choose?

Winter Women's Hat. How To Choose?

The winter women’s hat has long become an integral part of the women’s wardrobe. It is especially useful in the winter. The hat not only saves you from the cold but with its help, you can complete the already created image. Sometimes a properly selected female that works wonders. In choosing a winter hat, it is necessary to take into account what material or fur the outer clothing is, what it’s style and color.Winter Women's Hat. How To Choose?

Pay attention to the material from which the cap is sewn or tied, it should harmoniously fit and transform the image as a whole. There is one more advantage for a woman’s winter hat – with her help you can adjust the shape and facial features. Winter women’s hats are sewn or knit from different materials, from natural or semi-synthetic yarn, fur, felt, wool. The choice of the cap should be given enough time, in order to, after measuring a lot of caps of different styles, colors and from different materials, choose the one that is needed.

Winter women’s hat shaped like a face.

First of all, we need to determine the shape of the face and then proceed to the choice of the style and the material of the winter hat. Stylists adhere to the main four types of face:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Triangular
  • Rectangular

Oval face shape is considered close to ideal and does not need special correction. Owners of this form of a person fit any winter hat. More effective and beautiful will be fitting tight knitted hats, kepi and knitted hats with an ornament or decorated with all sorts of appliqués.

The round shape of the face needs some correction; it can be done with the help of a correctly selected cap. To this type are well-suited hats with earflaps, caps with visors and bulky. It is good to correct the type of person’s hats with asymmetrical ornaments. This style of the cap will visually stretch the face.

Winter Women's Hat. How To Choose?

The triangular shape of the face can be adjusted with knitted berets or knitted caps of bulk shapes. This season is the very fashionable beast, caps with ears; they will soften and smooth the corners of the owners of this shape of the face. Suitable for the autumn period is small hats.

The rectangular shape of the face is easily adjusted by the shape of the winter cap. You should choose a style that will hide a wide forehead, for example, hats with knotted ears from behind. In the autumn period hats with small fields are good. The visually rectangular shape of the face will be rounded.

With a properly selected hat, you can hide a large nose or a broad forehead in this will help berets and voluminous caps.

Hat on color.

Winter hat should be chosen, taking into account its color pattern.

So fair-haired, white-skinned girls will approach gentle light colors: peach, pink, bright colors also suit.

Dark-haired, white-skinned representatives of the fair sex will come up with bright, expressive colors: blue, turquoise. Classic colors are not bad: red, black, white.

Red-haired girls are suitable for traditional colors: blue, green, black.

With caution, you must choose a gray cap, those who have a pale complexion. Gray gives a painful look.

Winter women’s hat and clothes.

Choosing a winter hat, it is necessary to take into account its harmony with the clothes with which you plan to wear it. A mandatory condition, the hat should be the same color as any garment, for example, a scarf, handbag, gloves or shoes. Does your down jacket look dull and dull? It is easy to fix it with a bright knitted hat, decorated with rhinestones or bright ornament and outfit, will become more cheerful and original. Outer clothing made of leather is not combined with knitted caps, a fur hat is suitable. It should be taken into account that a hat is suitable for a coat, and an expensive cap of fur or fur is applied to the fur coat. For sportswear a simple knitted hat of the right color is suitable.

Winter Women's Hat. How To Choose?


In the choice of a winter hat, the role of growth also plays a role. It is advisable to select a hat standing in front of a full-length mirror. For women of high stature, stylists recommend wearing hats with large fields; they give the woman a romantic and mysterious. Women are not tall, such hats are not recommended, as they will visually seem ridiculous. Representatives of the fair sex are not tall, fit knitted caps or hats with small fields.

Armed with some information and a few tips, you can easily choose a winter female hat

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