What to Think About When you are Designing your Living Room

Your living room is an important space in your home – a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind, spend time as a family and with friends. Making sure that you have a comfortable living room that is suited to your lifestyle is important and when it comes to living room décor, there are a few things to consider…

Seating – This needs to be comfortable as well as stylish – there are lots of options for seating from modern sofas and chairs to a vintage sofa like this https://vintagesofawarehouse.co.uk/ or a traditional three piece suite. It really depends on the style and size of the room, and it is also important to consider practicality – if you have pets for example!

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Storage – To keep the room uncluttered and relaxing you will need storage. From television and entertainment units with built in storage to boxes like ottomans that also provide extra seating, and also sofas that have storage built in underneath them – perfect if you have a smaller living room and limited space in the room to use for storage.

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Entertainment – For most people, the living room is where the television goes, and where you will spend time catching up on your favourite shows or watching a film. Consider where you will place the television – wall mounting can save space, but make sure it is the right height for the seating and the size and shape of the room.

Author: Brielle Walker

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