Ways to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah

When a young Jewish boy or girl turns 13 they enter into the Jewish faith as an adult. Naturally this is seen as a great rite of passage. It means that the child is now considered an adult in the eyes of the Jewish faith. The child is now deemed to be responsible for its actions whereas beforehand it was the child’s parents that were seen as responsible. With these new responsibilities comes new challenges but also much greater faith in the person undergoing the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. They can now read from the Torah at the temple and take on more leading positions in family religious festivals at home. For example, if adults are away the young Jewish person can perform ceremonies to ensure that the correct worship and observance is maintained.

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As you would expect with such a momentous age, there are many ways to celebrate the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. One of the simplest and most effective ways to celebrate is with the sending of Bar Mitzvah Cards. The family and the child will be pleased with the depth of care shown with the sending of a card acknowledging the special day and age.

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Attendance at the synagogue for the ceremony is the primary way that most Jewish people of faith will celebrate. Increasingly it’s also common for the boy or girl to have a big party with friends and family gathering together to dance and sing traditional songs and partake of Jewish food and culture for an afternoon, and treat the boy or girl as they richly deserve.

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