Using video for recruitment: Ways to reach more candidates.

Videos help reach more candidates, attract their attention, and present the employer brand to boost candidate experience and increase the application rate. Hiring employees is inevitable for company growth, and the hiring process has evolved over the years. It is high time you considered using video for recruitment to develop your brand and attract top talent from the industry. There are various ways suggested for you to use videos in the hiring process:

Post videos on career site

Candidates visiting the career sites are always interested to learn about the employment brands and what it would be like to be employed in such companies. Videos offer the best way to communicate such things with the candidates. You can use videos to share your company culture, provide employee testimonials, insight into everyday responsibilities, and display the workspace. Using videos to present the company’s working style enables forming effective connections with the candidates.

Use videos in job postings

You can effectively communicate the company’s expectations by creating relevant videos and embedding them into job advertisements. It will enable the candidates to understand whether they fit the job role. You can present a typical day in the office showcasing the duties and responsibilities and the overall work environment. These videos resonate with the candidates and help them with the application process. It would help if you also remembered that videos boost your SEO; hence, job postings rank higher in search results.

Candidate communication

Using video for recruitment will likely create a more impressive and compelling candidate pitch. Creating confirmation or response emails will help you stand out by including a link to the employment videos. You could further improve communication and explain company expectations by incorporating videos in candidate emails stating the company’s requirements or the next steps of the recruitment process.

Job fairs

Videos help job seekers gain insight into the operations of an organization. You can set up a tablet or a computer for sharing video links with job seekers or on-site viewing. The videos at job fairs are crucial in driving job seekers and helping them learn about the company in detail. It will also facilitate connecting with the ideal candidates and aid the recruitment process.

Long-distance hiring

Long-distance hiring is cost-intensive and often not feasible. Various tools like Google Hangouts or Skype have facilitated long-distance interviewing. If you have a short period, it is best to ask candidates to answer questions using a recorded video. In this way, you can review the candidate at the time of your convenience, and it can also be viewed by other team members involved in the hiring process.

Communication with the talent community

If the talent community within your organization has expressed interest in job opportunities, you can create engagement and help them apply through videos. You could also send emails to candidates in the talent community if a new position opens up that includes a video comprising an overview of the job role and responsibilities.

Use videos in social channels

Videos can be used to expand your reach by leveraging the potential of social networking platforms. You can share employment videos through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. Social channels will help extend your reach to a more extensive user network and accentuate the talent acquisition process.

Author: Roger Walker

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