Three essential van maintenance tips for autumn

Your van is your working partner, and you must take care of it in order for it to remain safe and reliable on the road. Carry out these three essential van maintenance tips for autumn.

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1. Tyre maintenance

The spacious interior of your van is perfect for storing equipment and tools, but this excess weight does raise the pressure on the van’s tyres.

Air pressure must be checked regularly to guarantee the best performance of the vehicle, as well as keep your tyres safe. In autumn, the cold weather will lower your tyre pressure by making the air inside the tyre contract.

Cars that are kept outside all night will have tyres that are increasingly affected by the cold weather than those which are stored in a garage. It is best to check your tyre pressure monthly, first thing in the morning when the tyres are cold. This is because as you drive your vehicle, friction causes the tyres to heat up, which increases the pressure within the tyre. This will then give an inaccurate reading once you have driven the vehicle, providing misleading pressure levels.

Too little tyre pressure can cause excess wear and tear, whilst too much pressure can blow-out your tyres, so ensure they are kept to the ideal pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.

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2. Engine maintenance

Maintaining the condition of your van’s engine is essential to increase its reliability. Regularly checking the van’s oil levels is an effective and simple method of ensuring the health of the engine.

Learn to carry this check out yourself to avoid going to a garage. Other checks you can conduct yourself are screen wash levels, coolant levels and the condition of air filters. If you are confident and adept at mechanics, it is also worthwhile to check the level of brake fluid also, to ensure your van remains safe on the road.

3. Exterior maintenance

In addition to protecting the exterior of your van, van lining such as that found at will protect the interior of your vehicle from damage.

Keeping the exterior of your van clean will not only preserve the resale value, but it will also reduce the likelihood of rust setting in underneath the paintwork. Additionally, a well-presented and clean van presents a good first impression for clients, and could lead to more job opportunities.


Author: Kei Taylor

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