The Most Important Apps that Each Student should use

You may be a student who just joined your first year on the campus or a student who has stayed for long on campus. Campus life is tough, and one should know how to live on campus to enjoy life and carry out compelling studies easily. Some apps will make your life on campus easy because they help you organize your work in the best way possible as tasks are placed into different schedules. On this website, you can get an expert that will help you be effective in your studies, understand your professors and graduate with no struggle.

Sometimes you may find it challenging to get the app you are looking for, especially when you need it the most. You waste your time trying to figure out the right app that will serve your needs. We have made a list of some of the apps that you may require as a student.

For better understanding

Khan Academy

A student may find it difficult to understand a particular topic due to the magnitude of the subject or when the professor does not adequately explain the information. The app above provides an easy way to study your work using quality tutorials on subjects ranging from sciences to art and humanity subjects. One has to create a student account to access information on that site, and you will also get to track your progress as you bookmark your courses to gain access in the future.

Brushing your Literature


As a student, you may be struggling with understanding a particular book or lacking time to go through an entire book within a short period.  With SparkNotes, you will find a summary of the chapters and access your progress by trying out some questions. A student can easily navigate by searching for the book’s title or by searching for the name of the author.

Reading for courses in the STEM department.

Wolfram Alpha

The program above uses artificial intelligence technology in solving complex math problems like computing various statistical quantities or making a plot of a function. You can also get an alert of various issues, including an update on the time of a new video being released or getting knowledge on the artistic sculpture.

Learning a particular language


Many people find fun in learning a new language. Sometimes you may be confused by the verb conjugation. The free app helps students to learn a language in bits and sections that they would easily understand. The exercises found in the app include writing and listening so that students can grab the various concepts.

Free Word Processor, Calendar, and Email


This is a search engine with many features that are suitable for students. The advantage of Google is that the work of a student is stored in the cloud. A student can schedule their work and get a reminder or alert on the specific date to perform a particular task.


The above apps are some of the many apps that make student life to be fun on campus. Other various apps are suited for the students to navigate through campus easily.

Author: Kei Taylor

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