The features and benefits of six types of shirt

Shirts should be a staple in any well-dressed man’s wardrobe and we have whittled it down to just six quintessential types of shirt.

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The flannel shirt

A firm fashion favourite, the flannel shirt is great for layering up as the weather gets chillier. Ideal for creating a stylish, yet laidback vibe, flannel shirts are a great choice for travelling in as they are both trendy and comfortable. Pair with sunglasses, fitted chinos and a stylish beanie for a rock star look.

The polo shirt

For a timeless style of shirt that lends its wearer a debonair and sporty air, the polo shirt is perfect. Influenced by the increase in working from home, many employers are transitioning to a more smart-casual dress code, and the polo shirt fits this growing need for presentable yet informal men’s clothing. Companies such as EJ Menswear offer polo shirts with both long and short sleeves, for polo shirt that you can enjoy year-round.

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The linen shirt

Perfect for hot, sticky summers the linen shirt is a summer classic. By wearing a linen shirt rather than a cotton T.shirt you will exude a certain sense of laidback old-money style. For flattering, lightweight linens Lyle & Scott shirts are ideal.

The Cuban collar shirt

For subtle retro charm, pack a Cuban collar shirt or two in your holiday suitcase. You can really get creative with this style of shirt, playing with colours that pop to funky prints, while relying on the crisp straight hemmed cut to stay looking sharp. Best left unbuttoned at the top to showcase the collar.

The Mandarin collar shirt

One of the attractions of this style of shirt is that you will look smart while escaping the need for fussy ties, cravats or bows. Pair with a formal business suit in a luxe fusion of European and Asian design to really turn heads at weddings or professional occasions.

The dress shirt

A distinctive style notable for its cut-away collar and elegant French cuffs, no man’s wardrobe would be complete without a trusty dress shirt for those occasions where one must simply look his best. These shirts really allow you to express your own individual style through your choice of cuff links, tie and tuxedo jacket for a truly polished and masculine style.

Author: Kei Taylor

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