Sky Announces that by 2018 Users Will Not Need a Satellite Dish

If you have previously been unable to sign up to Sky Television, you can soon expect to receive Sky TV through a broadband connection. Whether you were unable to have a satellite dish due to living in a listed building, lack of permission from a landlord or poor signal, Sky TV will soon be available to everyone.

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When can I get Sky without a dish?

According to BBC News, Sky TV will go satellite-free in 2018. As we are nearing the end of the year, it can be assumed that this will happen very soon.

Why will this be beneficial?

When Sky TV make the move from a satellite signal to broadband streaming, it will open doors for at least six million new customers across Europe and up to two million in the UK alone. This move will allow Sky to compete with BTTV and Virgin TV, which already provide live TV with no dish.

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If you are an existing Sky customer with a satellite dish, you may wish to consider using a TV installation service such as a TV Aerial Installation Bath company that not only installs satellite dishes, but will also remove them for you and will even help you set up your new service. Companies like TV aerial installation Bath providers can also offer other services, such as wall-mounting your TV, should you decide to upgrade when you change your Sky package.

Details as to what channels will be on offer, what sort of package you will be able to subscribe to and what contents the packages will include are yet to be released, but Sky has hinted at a much more complete service than they currently provide, including a full high-speed broadband package and a telephone line as well as television channels and catch up TV apps.

Not using a satellite dish for Sky means that there will no longer be unsightly dishes attached to houses, and the weather, buildings and trees shouldn’t have an impact on signal. Broadband service is generally more reliable, and some issues will be able to be fixed remotely, saving money on costly engineers.

All in all, the future of Sky TV looks exciting, and we can’t wait to see what is going to be on offer!

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