Why Does The Skin Get Gooseflesh?

Why Does The Skin Get Gooseflesh?

There is a scientific explanation of why we have, on occasion, gooseflesh. We are very sorry, there is no remedy to avoid it.

Human beings are able to control our body a lot. For example, we move a joint or close our eyes without problems when we want. But, there are times when our body acts on its own. You sound your guts, you get red, you feel butterflies, it gives you a puncture in the heart or you get goosebumps. Why? Today we are going to know the causes and the explanation for this last reflection.

What is gooseflesh?

You feel cold? Re scared? Well, almost certainly right now you have gooseflesh. We can not avoid it but, at least, now we can know why it happens to us.

All the hairs we have in our body have an erector muscle at the root. With the exception of the genital organs and the palms of the hands and feet, it is possible that the rest of our beauty is put on end before one of these situations.

This reflex, known as piloerection, causes these small muscles to contract and lift each of the hairs of our body. The pores of our skin, meanwhile, dilate.

Why Does The Skin Get Gooseflesh?

Why does it happen to us?

And the explanation of why it happens to us is pretty obvious. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors had their bodies covered with hair. Like any other animal, it protected them from the cold, differentiated them from other competitors at the time of mating and made them look more ferocious.

Now we have lost that layer, but the animal that we have inside still has some effect and reflection in us.

When we are cold, our body reacts and tries, through goosebumps, to create a protective layer and isolate us from the cold. The same happens when we are afraid. Think of a cat. When he is scared, he bristles his hair. This simple action makes him seem more fierce. Well, that is what we unconsciously try to put goosebumps on. The only problem is that, as an animal, we have lost all our capacity for intimidation.

Like any reflection, it is impossible to control.

Author: Roger Walker

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