Room Design For Teenage Girl

Room Design For Teenage Girl

When developing the design project of a room for a girl, it is necessary to take into account the temperament and taste preferences of the child. For girls up to 7-8 years, you can choose a fabulous theme, but for teens, you should look for more practical and durable solutions. We have collected TOP-5 popular design options for the room of a young lady.

Room Design For Teenage Girl

Recommendations on design – ideas with photos

Choosing a design for the girl’s room, it is worth initially to plan. Traditionally, the premises are divided into 4 zones:

  • working,
  • for sleep,
  • for storing things
  • for games and recreation.

Work zone

The working area should be equipped with a classic writing desk or computer desk, a comfortable chair, and drawers designed for stationery and notebooks. It is necessary to take care of creating hinged closed or open shelves, where the girl will be able to store books and personal belongings (photos, figurines, toys).

Room Design For Teenage Girl

Sleep and rest area

In the sleeping area is placed a bed or a sofa bed. If there is not enough space in the room, then you can install an attic bedroom, in which the lower level is represented by a desk with drawers, and the upper one – by a bed. In this case, you have to think about buying a desktop or wall lamp that simulates sunlight. Transforming beds with storage systems are available on the market, as well as folding models that can be hidden in the closet in the daytime – an ideal solution for saving space.

Room Design For Teenage Girl

Be sure to install in the room bean bag or a miniature couch, designed to relax in the daytime. In small rooms under this zone, you can convert the windowsill. The latter must be expanded and supplemented with hard pillows – the design will resemble a comfortable sofa!

Storage Systems

A teenage girl needs a wardrobe or chest of drawers to store things. You can pick up an open system of the Scandinavian type, made from metal. Standard cabinets and hangers are often replaced by boxes for things with and without covers, which saves space.

Top 5 design options for the girl’s room

You can combine interior styles or decorate a room in one color. It all depends on the budget, the individual preferences of the child and the characteristics of the room. In large rooms, you can implement any creative solutions, but for small ones you need to select functional transforming furniture and light shades that visually expand the space.

Provence style design

Provence is a French style that combines subtle lines, restrained color palette and provincial comfort. In such a room for a girl light shades dominate lilac, pale pink and blue, gray and silver, sand, cream, pear. The design uses natural textiles, light and dark wooden furniture from wood and metal elements, which can be artificially aged. Windows must be closed with light curtains or curtains that let the light in well, and fill the room with accessories, which increases authenticity:

  • lavender vases
  • figurines,
  • mirrors in massive aged frames
  • floor lamps,
  • pictures,
  • pillows
  • shelves with books.

Room Design For Teenage Girl

Plastering is used for walls, wood or ceramic tile for floors. You can also choose wallpaper with floral print, artificial ceiling beams, soft carpets. In such a room should be a lot of light, so you should add a design dotted ceiling lights or a central chandelier!

Tiffany style room

The interior of Tiffany will appeal to romantic girls who love classic solutions. This design is dominated by two colors – rich turquoise and white, making the teenager’s room more comfortable. The basic palette can be easily supplemented with natural coral, purple, green, gray shades. Natural materials are used for decoration and decoration: metal, wood, textiles. Walls are covered with paint or wallpaper. The finish should be smooth, not textured.

Room Design For Teenage Girl

The furniture can have leather or textile upholstery, as well as a streamlined shape. Rooms for girls, decorated in the style of Tiffany, are devoid of strict symmetry, which allows you to create many useful zones. The room must be supplemented with spotlights: wall lamps, floor lamps, several ceiling lamps. The mood of the interior is set by beautiful accessories, represented by forged elements, floristic compositions, floor and wall mirrors, vases with flowers.

Girl room in high-tech style

If a girl loves modern design trends, then she will like high-tech. This is a very discreet interior style in which each element plays an important functional role. Modern materials are used for the design, such as glass, eco-friendly plastic, metal and chrome parts. The furnishings and furniture are plain, painted in white, black, gray and silver, but you can liven up the atmosphere with the help of accessories in red.

Room Design For Teenage Girl

In such a room for a girl, you can make a glossy or matte stretch ceiling, complemented by spotlights. Appropriate use of LED strips, with which you can select functional areas. A bed, a table and other elements of furniture should have the correct shape, accessories are practically not used in the design, except for geometric patterns and green plants in massive flowerpots.

Pop art style

Design a room for a girl in the style of pop art is a whole range of colors and interesting ideas! Its basis consists of juicy contrasting colors: red, black, orange, green, crimson and others. The use of themed paintings, niches in the walls, accessories – from non-standard shelves to glass bottles from under Coca-Cola is welcomed. When developing a design, you should carefully treat the shades, otherwise, the room may turn out to be too bright. It is recommended to choose a light monochromatic palette for decoration, but furniture and accessories can be multi-colored. Different types of interior stickers, ordinary and 3D pop art lamps, vinyl records, and photo wallpapers are used for decoration.

Eco-style in the interior of the girl’s room

Modern teenagers are more and more imbued with ideas of environmental friendliness, so the girl will appreciate the eco-design. He is the personification of harmony with nature: natural materials, fresh flowers, and the maximum amount of natural light. At registration, you can use all shades of green, as well as white, brown, sand, azure. In such a room for a girl, there are no furniture and accessories made from polymers, the design is dominated by natural wood, bamboo, glass, and metal are allowed.

The decor is well complemented with ceramic tableware and figurines, straw balls, natural wool carpets, textiles, wicker baskets. The room should be decorated with plants: ivy, jasmine, bamboo, and others. The furniture should be comfortable and ergonomic, in such an interior soft chair are in harmony with chairs made from rattan. Please note that eco-design allows the use of modern elements, so the room can be equipped with a TV, computer and other types of equipment.

With these tips, you will create a great room for a teenager. Be sure to consider the wishes of the girl, because children over the age of 8 years already have their own ideas about design!

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