Mythical sea creatures

As humans learn more about science, more myths are dispelled. In the 1800s palaeontology became popular and the idea of giant dinosaurs roaming around the world was brought to the forefront of the public’s consciousness. This followed many centuries of folklore and monster sightings. Can it be that these giants, who once existed, could still be lurking in the unknown depths of our seas as they did when they were alive?


The Kraken is one of the most famous sea myths. It was thought to be a giant octopus that terrorised ships off the coasts of Norway and Iceland. The tentacles of the Kraken were said to reach up to the masts of ships, pulling them down into the depths. The funnel that the Kraken left behind as it sank could pull a boat down like a toilet flush. You’re unlikely to see anything that terrifying in the waters off the English coast but you can enjoy a RYA Day Skipper Course from

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Sea Snake

The sea serpent is another mysterious creature from the depths. It has been said to attack ships in a similar way as the Kraken. Most sea serpent sightings are from afar, and people see a snake-like form, possibly with a reptilian head, followed by a number of bumps. The Leviathan is a common theme in mythology. It appears in Norse, Greek and Bible mythology.

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Loch Ness Monster

Nessie is the most popular mythical creature around the world. Many sightings report seeing the humps of an underwater body with a small head and a long neck protruding over the water. Unfortunately, scientific studies have dismissed the idea as a pure myth. Some of the possible reasons for alleged sightings are basking sharks and debris.

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