Maybe it is just a touch of magic

We are getting close to the time of year that children and adults alike start to get excited for the festive season. The smell of a real Christmas tree and gingerbread cooking in the kitchen, along with the enjoyment of putting up all the decorations and adorning the tree with tinsel, baubles and the coveted star on the top. It really is a magical time of year especially for children. The look of wonder on their faces when they walk downstairs in the morning to see their presents lined up under the tree and check Father Christmas’ plate to make sure he has eaten his mince pie and Rudolph enjoyed his carrot.

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Father Christmas is magical on so many different levels, either that or he has a massive company and an army of people working on his behalf across the world. Not only does he read the letters of all the children that write to him with their Christmas lists, but he replies to them, sets the elves off on the incredible task of making and finding all the gifts that have been asked for. He then has to monitor the naughty and nice list to see who is going to get their gifts – I have always wondered when the cut of is for your name to be stuck on the naughty list, is it Christmas Eve or perhaps the beginning of December?

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Once he has confirmed who is going to receive the gifts, he then sets about packing up his sleigh with all of the gifts. The only way he can possibly fit all of those gifts in the sleigh is if it has magical qualities similar to that of Mary Poppins carpet bag. Then comes the reindeer. The magical group that pull Father Christmas’ sleigh are attached and ready to set off on their round the world trip. I’m sure he must have to enlist the services of a Same day courier Slough like to cover the local area and probably has other companies across the country helping him out. Although they must have had to sign the Christmas Secret Act to make sure that their cover isn’t blown.

Whatever your Christmas Eve traditions and regardless of your age there is something about this time of year and the stories and myth that surround it that make for a truly magical time.

Author: Kei Taylor

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