Is Dream Vacations a Pyramid Scheme

Is Dream Vacations a Pyramid Scheme

In the realm of travel and leisure, Dream Vacations has established itself as a prominent name, offering enticing vacation packages and promising unforgettable experiences. However, amidst the allure of discounted getaways and exotic destinations, a lingering question persists: is Dream Vacations a legitimate business or a cleverly disguised pyramid scheme?

Delving into the Structure of Dream Vacations

Dream Vacations operates under the umbrella of WorldVentures, a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. MLMs, often associated with pyramid schemes, are characterized by a business model that relies heavily on recruitment, with members earning income primarily from enrolling new recruits rather than selling products or services directly to consumers.

In the case of Dream Vacations, members, known as Travel Agents, earn commissions by selling vacation packages and recruiting new members. The company also offers incentives for members to reach certain sales targets, further emphasizing the recruitment aspect.

Delving into the Structure of Dream Vacations

Unveiling the Red Flags

While Dream Vacations presents itself as a travel agency, the emphasis on recruitment and the complex compensation structure raise concerns about its legitimacy. Pyramid schemes typically exhibit several red flags, including:

  • A focus on recruitment over product sales: The primary emphasis is on enrolling new members rather than selling actual products or services.
  • Exorbitant upfront costs: Members are often required to pay significant upfront fees to join and gain access to the business opportunity.
  • Unrealistic income claims: Promotional materials often tout inflated income potential, leading to unrealistic expectations and potential financial strain.
  • Emphasis on personal consumption: Members are encouraged to purchase products or services from the company, often to maintain their membership status and qualify for commissions.

Examining Dream Vacations’ Practices

Dream Vacations exhibits some of these red flag characteristics. The company’s compensation plan heavily incentivizes recruitment, and members are required to pay an upfront fee to join. Additionally, Dream Vacations promotes a “residual income” model, suggesting that members can earn ongoing income from their downline recruits, a common element of pyramid schemes.

Seeking Expert Opinions

Various consumer protection agencies and financial experts have expressed concerns about Dream Vacations’ business model. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued an alert regarding the company, citing complaints about misleading income claims and difficulty in canceling memberships.

Examining Dream Vacations' Practices

Weighing the Evidence

Based on the available evidence, Dream Vacations raises legitimate concerns about its adherence to ethical business practices. The company’s emphasis on recruitment, upfront fees, and residual income structure aligns with the characteristics of pyramid schemes.


Q: Is Dream Vacations a scam?

A: Dream Vacations has been accused of operating like a pyramid scheme, but it is not officially labeled as one by any regulatory body. However, the company’s business model exhibits several red flags that are commonly associated with pyramid schemes.

Q: Can I make money with Dream Vacations?

A: While some Dream Vacations members have reported earning income, the vast majority of members likely make little to no money. The company’s compensation structure heavily relies on recruitment, and the odds of success are statistically low.

Q: What are the risks of joining Dream Vacations?

A: Joining Dream Vacations comes with several potential risks, including:

  • Financial loss: Members are required to pay upfront fees, and there is no guarantee of earning back that investment.
  • Time commitment: Building a successful Dream Vacations business requires a significant time commitment, often with little return.
  • Damaged relationships: The emphasis on recruitment can strain personal relationships as members pressure friends and family to join.

Q: What should I do if I’m considering joining Dream Vacations?

A: Before joining Dream Vacations, thoroughly research the company, its business model, and the potential risks involved. Seek advice from independent financial advisors and understand that the chances of making significant income are slim.


Dream Vacations presents itself as an enticing opportunity to travel and earn money. Operating your own small caravan and camping site can be a fulfilling venture; however, prospective entrepreneurs should exercise caution and conduct thorough research, especially considering that the company’s business model raises serious concerns about its legitimacy and potential to harm unsuspecting individuals. Before embarking on the journey of owning and running such a site, carefully weigh the risks and seek expert advice to make an informed decision.

Author: Brielle Walker

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