Introducing a collar to your puppy

Puppies begin a lifelong process of learning about the world around them almost as soon as they are born, and the process of pro-actively training your dog should begin as soon as they come to live with you.

One of the first steps in training and one that is required to start the rest of your dog training is getting them used to a collar, as this will be required for the entire duration of their lives.

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Whether you intend to keep a collar on your dog’s neck at all times or only use it when on the lead outside the home, the collar is one important element of training you should start with your puppy as soon as possible. For Designer Dog Collars, visit a site like

However, when you return home with your dog, it is likely that the collar will be a new experience for them, and one that you should approach carefully and gradually to turn it into a positive experience for your little dog!

Once your puppy has become accustomed to being collared, assuming that they are comfortable with the fit of the collar, they will not even realize that they are wearing it and will forget all about it. However, when you first use the collar on your dog, they tend to be very aware of the sensation and it will feel a bit strange for them!

Start out slowly

Do not plan to put the collar on your dog one day and have done with it; start young, but start slowly! First, select the correct collar size and material for your young dog, and one that will be comfortable for them to wear. A well-fitting collar should be comfortable and close to the neck, but it must have a space big enough for you to be able to insert two fingers between the collar and neck comfortably with no pinching. When you first start putting the collar on your dog, making them familiar with it, you might have start with a loose collar, and slowly build up to a properly tightened collar during different sessions.

Building a positive relationship with the collar

Make putting the collar on and off a positive and beneficial experience for your puppy, and do not try to collar your dog when they are stressed, angry or excited.

Allow them to sniff the collar and familiarise themselves with it, before doing it up around their neck, offer praise and treats. Then, distract your dog from the collar sensation by playing with them or get them involved in a game. Do not leave the collar on too long during your initial session, and remember, while you may forget about the dog collar when you’re playing with them, they may be aware of it again when you stop!

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Do not start using the lead immediately

Obviously, the next step after your puppy is used to the collar and can be left inside unattended is to start introducing the lead, and attach it to the collar to start training. However, it’s important not to rush until and hold off until your puppy is totally used to the collar before you begin showing them the lead, to give your dog time to get used to the new sensation and get to grips with it without feeling overwhelmed.

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