I like the beanie hat but does it like me?

The beanie hat is a  marvellous invention that is guaranteed to keep the head toasty and warm in the winter. It covers the majority of the back and top of the head making sure that you are not assaulted by the wind. As we lose so much heat from our body especially the head this is a great way to keep it all in. However, hats for some people are always problematic at the best of times so how do you deal with the issue of this wollen wonder? To start with the best thing to do  is to make sure that you have a nice warm jacket to go with it.  The best way to do that is to go to XV Kings Menswear and get kitted out with a selection of stylish winter wear.

How you wear the thing depends a lot on your face shape. No really, this is a crucial element of you looking relatively cool. If they have a round or square face then the fold backs are not an option as they chump you out. It’s better to go for a loose fit one or one that doesn’t have mean you have to pull it over your ears. Wear it slightly back off the face.

If you have a thinner face then you need the opposite. A beanie is a winner for you everytime and you can even look at getting a two tone one with some cool embellishments. YIu could of course ignore aloof this and just think, well it’s keeping me warm what’s the issue?

Author: Kei Taylor

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